Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Well, Since I Know the Pattern

Why stop now? Why not a matching, well semi matching, hat? I only had 2 skeins of the Blueberry color. I remember having a project in mind when I bought this yarn. I had purchased several colors, with an idea of a stranded color work scarf/ shawl. But that idea faded, and I ended up with a few skeins of of colors (2 blueberry, 1 bayleaf, and 1 cinnamon) and 4 skeins of white. I suppose I could have bought more (do I need more yarn?) but they wouldn't be the same dye lot, and...

I finished the Cowl Sunday, (well I finished the knitting) I still had some ends to weave in when I photographed it yesterday. When I was done, I started the hat. It's fast work because it is so many few stitches—and I can just look at the last row worked, and know what I have to do on the next row to continue. I have abandon the chart!

So last night I got the first 3 inches done. Hats are only 6 or so inches –(before shaping for the crown) so it's not quite half done!

Most often, I can learn a stitch pattern in a few repeats, but this pattern is hard for me. So I am pleased to have gotten to a point where I know it. I always have problems with the kind of patterns that move both left and right—it takes me forever to commit them to memory.

I am using the same wool—Lion Brand's Alpine Wool, White and Bayleaf. (I think this is an icy blue, not the gray green of a Bayleaf—but what does that matter?) There might be another hat after this one--in a lovely warm cinnamon brown and white. Not immediately after, but I have promised some warm hats to friends who have been having a hard time of it this winter. Now that I know the pattern, I might be lazy and just make the same hat, over and over again.

I have other knitting to do, there were weeks back in 2014 where I hardly knit a stitch—but now my fingers want nothing more that to work to the rhythm of knitting.

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