Friday, February 06, 2015

Almost Mittens

I still want to knit some more cuff. The Girls have lovely little coats, but the sleeves of the coats don't have knit cuffs inside (which can be a pain to get little hand through, but do act as blocks to drafts). So ideally the mittens should have deep cuffs, long enough to fold back.

I have about 2 inches now, and need at least another half inch, if not a full one. One sock has the cuff folded back, and it is still to short for my liking. So there isn't much left to do—just an inch of cuff, and the thumbs.

The little flash of yellow is some waste yarn marking the thumb position. I'll undo the waste yarn to start the thumbs The thumbs will be short and fast to knit.   Partly because baby thumbs are so tiny, they are worked in stocking knit –a faster stitch than 2 by 2 ribbing, and finally, because the mittens are little puff balls, the thumbs will be just a few rounds of work. The mittens look like flat round lollipops, but aren't-- they are little puff balls—with plenty of room for the girls to ball up their fists-- and even grab things (without putting their thumbs int the thumb hole).

After these are done, a pair of slippers—that I am not going to swatch--(living dangerously!) even thought I plan to felt the slippers (and don't have a clear idea how much they will shrink up, when I do!)

I am going for a larger size, thinking too big is better than too small. And I'll see how it goes..After the first pair, there will be a second.. and maybe a third or fourth—and maybe even one for me!

I'll need a small tube of silicon caulking to make the bottoms non slip... but I think even the local drug store stocks that!

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