Saturday, February 28, 2015

Cast Ons, Double Knitting and More

I started blogging 7 years ago (come this summer). And over the years, I have blogged about my life, cooking, my neighborhood, my knitting and my many knitting related obsessions.

I have blogged about knitting in the round, and about leaf designs (a continuing obsession) and written some tutorials; one about knitting in the rounds and one about double knitting.

And of course, I have written about Cast Ons! The Cast On Tutorial now has pages and and pages of information, about Cast Ons, and Bind Offs, and Selvages. Oh, it still needs work, (it will always need work, updates and improvements are a given!)

But the Cast On list, is, (I think) slowing to a halt. I might not have every cast on method, but most. 5 years ago, the list of cast on methods was about 40—since then, it has grown to 60. New cast on methods have been rare. Mostly there are just new variations.

I recently received a request—Can you (anyone) do a twisted version of a long tail cast on, using a knit and purl variation? This isn't really a new cast on, it is just a combination of 2 variations—the Twisted Long Tail and the K and P Long Tail.

I knew it could be done, and said as much, but the inquiring mind was a visual learner.. and while she understood in theory that it could be done, she couldn't quite master the details.

So, a new video and new variation of the long tail cast on: The Twisted Long Tail Cast On, worked in Knitsand Purls. Not really a new cast on, just a new variation of a well known one.

I haven't (yet) worked out how to do this for the MAINE variation. The Maine cast on is a “thumb” version of the twisted long tail... (vs the sling shot variation of the twisted long tail)--but if any one else has, I would love to see it.
For the past few days, instead of knitting, I have been writing and editing. I copied a number of the posts I made about double knitting, and put them together into a tutorial. The result is  the beginning of a complete tutorial to Double Knitting--made from  14 pages of  text, scatter over a month of blog posts.

These 14 pages then got divided into 10 parts—making each part a much more manageable chunk of information, and allowing easier navigation and the ability to easily skip parts.Some photos and links to videos have been added. But there is still work to do (lots more work!) —the list of resources isn't anywhere near complete, and there are many missing links in some sections. 

It's a lot of work, but I like the work.

I have stated goals for the year—New designs, and new patterns, more videos, and improving my web page. I feel good that I am making progress on all three fronts.  


Amy Houghtalin said...

I just used your video for kihnu braid for interlocking double knit hat I started on Saturday. Used a needle 2 sizes smaller then k1, p1 on to larger before joining in the round. Thanks for the help!! Photo on my ravelry project page

gayle said...

I was watching your Italian cast on video and realized it would be perfect for casting on for double knitting. I was so excited! I have a pattern I'm developing for an ear flap hat, and needed an easy effective cast on for the part between the earflaps. Thank you for all your work!