Monday, February 23, 2015

From A Cold

To a sinus infection, and now, almost better, a stye. The frigid weather being no help at all! My apartment is warm enough (last year there was an issue with not enough heat), but not feeling well and cabin fever are a bad combination.

I was out last Thursday—and since then, the weather has been cold, cold, and colder. Most days the HIGH for the day has been in the 20's (that is 20°F!) and nights in the single digits.

I have been sluggish—but I have gotten something done.

First the socks.. slow progress here, but progress all the same. I hated the first attempt at a mock cable and couldn't be bothered to frog—these are just every day socks, and most of what was knit will be covered by my shoes, so I just switch patterns. A simple traveling cable—easy enough and it works.

I have one completed diamond, and at 6.5 inches, I am coming to the point where I have to make a decision about the heel. If I am going to do an after thought heel, I need to start the small side gussets I always use to give a bit more ease. I have a high instep, and with out something, the sock will be tight and uncomfortable.

I tend to like after thought heels for self striping yarns—I dislike a F/T/G heel—since it plays havoc with the striping pattern. There are other options, but these too have side effects. Well it seems I have already made a decision—an after thought heel it is.

I have been working on my web page too. I have added some raw text the the section on double knitting, and adding a new video, too. I'll be working on fixing up the text with links, and images. Organizing the information to make it easier to use. 90% of the text comes from old blog posts I've made about double knitting. There was over lapping information, and patterns and images. It is a bit better, but it still needs lots of work to make it useful and easy to navigate.

This info is being edited, organized, and sectioned. Internal sub pages (with links to and back to main menu) will make navigating easier.

The new video is a demo of half double knitting. Some of you have seen half double knitting in action—commercial swatches (found in big box craft stores) are sometimes done in half double knitting. It looks like stocking knit, but its is a fabric that doesn't curl. The key is the appearance of the back of the swatch—which doesn't look “normal”.

Like all double-knitting, it uses more yarn. I like half double-knitting for button bands on seam less sweaters, but it has other uses: soles of knitted slippers, or straps on market bags, or palms of mittens. It's good any place you need an extra layer for durability want a slightly thicker, slightly denser bit of knitting for some reinforcement.

Half double knitting comes in 2 “flavors”: Ribbed, and garter stitch. You can find my video, (half double knit ribbing) and tutorial (not mine) of the half double knitting garter at the top of the page right now. I'll be making a video of the half double-knit garter stitch soon.

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