Tuesday, February 10, 2015

I Has Mittens

Mittens with cuffs, deep cuffs, that fold and fill up the sleeve opening, and block drafts

Mittens with thumbs, mostly useless on a mittens for 1 year olds, but it's what my DD wanted.

I have mittens with jingle bells on them so they tinkle when the girls wave or just move there hands a little bit.

Mittens that match their little hoods, (which might get their own jingle bells).

Mittens with I-cord holding the pairs together, so they won't be pulled off by little babies and lost. (Well, not quite, I have I-cord—but not enough yet, and I haven't sewn it into the mittens yet.)

Lovely little mittens, for lovely little girls.

And I have socks—well toes and little bit more of socks that jumped on to a pair of needles when I wasn't looking. I wasn't able (no not really, I was lazy) to find a pattern I liked for the socks, so I am winging it. A little side cable, and a larger mock cable up the instep...

Next I'll have some booties... You just wait and see!

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