Monday, February 02, 2015

My Goals for 2015

Are simple; Knit more, document more, and video more.

So January was a success. I completed 3 projects, a pair of socks, a cowl and hat.
I completed documenting one pattern, and I have a second one almost ready to post.
And I have uploaded one new video.

Not a bad start. Now I just have to keep it up.

The first pattern for this year is the hat I just completed—the Double Knit Diamonds Hat.
Note, the link will open a new window and take you to my Ravelry store—and you can also find a link on my web page, too.

I haven't done much in the past two day, but, I know February will be just as successful.

One other goal for January was to do some knitting for my self.... I love my granddaughters, and love swathing them in wool, but I also want to knit for me! And all three of my projects were for me. Well, the hat? I actually gave it away, (and I plan to knit another one to keep as a sample) but I wanted to knit a hat to give away... I got real joy sharing it.

I am starting February with booties and mittens—today is another sub freezing say, and there are a few more predicted for the week. The girls do have some mittens, but none are hand knit. I am thinking some plain white ones, with some add ons—a snap and knitted rose to snap on, or a knitted heart, and for next month, a knitted shamrock.

The booties I am planning on will be knit and felted, and then will be treated with silicon soles to make them on slip. Frequently, they go out, only to go somewhere else (in) from home to the library, or form home to a party, or from home to a restaurant (these girls have a very active social life!) Right now, they are not spending a lot of time walking about out of doors, or at the play ground. So they don't need real shoes (they have some) but do need some protection for their feet... Non-slip protection.

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