Thursday, February 12, 2015


A little here, a little there, every where a little progress, E, I, E,I,O... Can you tell Old McDonald was yesterdays favorite song?

First—the girls liked there mittens enough not to pull them off—not once. It was cold yesterday, and that likely helped, but their mother pulled off her mittens all the time—even on the coldest days. Even before they put them on, they played with them—happy with the jingle bells.

I wimped out on the I-c

ord for inside the coat. I made 30 inches, (9 inches for each sleeve, (18) plus 9 inches more for the back + 3 more inches for ease—and I really could have added more.. 33 to 36 inches would have been better. There was enough—but there isn't much ease at all.

I got a few rounds done on the sock--made a mistake, and will have to repair that today—last night on the bus wasn't the place! I am not going to frog—I will just drop down the half dozen stitches involved, pick them up with a spare needle and reknit just the ones I messed up—the mistake is 2 rows back, so I really need a spare needle—Yet another reason the first repair it tried made a worse mess!

I didn't repair last night—I was too tired to think clearly—so I started on the first (trial) pair of booties.
These are simple—rows and rows of garter stitch! I am 3/8th done with this first pair—Fast work!

They are going to be felted, and while I know that Paton's Classic wool (in this case, Merino Wool!) will felt up nicely, I haven't done much felting, and don't have a real sense of 'this' will shrink about this much—I am working blind. Partly because I am recreating a pattern that some one else also recreated (I know the original pattern)—and I don't have all the details.. Knitting loose and felting is a much better choice (the original pattern called for a very snug, tightly knit garter stitch.)

I am re-engineering them for my self. I would buy the pattern if it was a stand alone, but it's from a book, and I am not sure I want a whole books worth of felted slipper patterns, (even thought the proceeds from the sale of the book are going to a good cause).

So here is the start—a polychrome wool that I wasn't very happy with—but will be good enough for felted footware. I like the way the yarn is working up so far. First off, garter, with worsted wool and big needles (sizeUS10/6mm) knits up quick—and it actually offers a change from fine needles.

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