Friday, February 13, 2015

Step 1

Knitting: DONE

Last night I was 7/8th done, and ran out of yarn...I hadn't started with a full skein, and had another, but had to rummage through the stash to find it. So the last few rows were completed this morning.

The results are HUGE. I think I made the wrong size. But too big is better than too small, and I have seen some felted objects shrink down to almost half size, so maybe they are not too big. But they sure look like it right now!

The pattern comes in a range of sizes—from -1, 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, +1 (or if you prefer, 21) and +3 (or 23)--My slippers are size 3. I wasn't sure if I should make size 1 or size 3, and decided on size 3. If they end up too big after felting, the girls can grow into them. Too small, and well, that is the end of that.

So I went bigger, and I'll see in a few days whether I went too big or not.

Step 2—Coming up next, sewing each of the stacks into a slipper. Some what like the baby surprise sweater, the knitting gets folded, and seamed, and something that doesn't look at all like a slipper, magically becomes one.

This is the hardest part—I will need markers, and uninterrupted time to get this done, but fortunately there isn't much sewing to do.

Step 3-- Will be the felting. I am at a disadvantage here, I don't own my own washer, and have to use what is available—Fortunately, it is a top loading washer, and hot water in the building is really HOT. It cools a bit as it rises up in the pipes, but the laundry room is right next to the furnace/water heaters—and the laundry room water is scalding hot. The washer cycles are all the same length, but there is a heavy setting for denim, and gentle setting (with much less agitation) (with 2 other setting between these) so I should get good felting with just a single wash. I might pre-sock in cold water and then shock them by adding them to the hot water...

I'll plan on getting up early and trying tomorrow AM. I might toss them in the drier, too if I think they need it. (it has to be early or late afternoon—Saturday is a busy laundry day.)

Once I am done, I will evaluate, and plan for the next pair (or pairs). I still need to pick up a tube of silicon caulking too, for the soles. These slipper shoes will be good for wearing in the stroller, and for walking about indoors—but indoors for them means slick hardwood floors. Non slip footwear is a must.

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zippiknits.....sometimes said...

You are so lucky to have a machine that will felt things. Well, unless you don't want something felted. lol

In my cleaning up, I found some sweaters that my sister had felted and I saved for making something. The slippers appear to be the right little "something". Following you progress closely here. ;o)