Saturday, February 14, 2015

Step 2—Big, Very Big

But not, I think, too big.

The sewn up slippers are about 10 inches long at the sole, from tip to top and while that is very big, the girls have big feet about 6 inches long. So once they felt up and shrink.. the slipper shoes should be about the right size.. a little big maybe, but not huge.

We'll have to want and see, though, won't we?  Once I know, I will make a second pair.

I remember seeing slipper's like this, 2 computers ago—and several browser ago. The bookmark to the site was lost somewhere in the upgrades. (or crashes). I went looking and found the site, Frugal Haus Knitting—Now with a huge friendly easy to use web page—and many of their free patterns a bit harder to find.

The pattern I remember was one constructed of individual blocks of garter stitch –Frugalhaus had dozens of pattern constructed from garter stitch blocks of various sizes. The idea was make up the garter squares with your scraps and partial skeins, and then, sew them together to make hats or mittens or slippers or place mats (or dozens of other items)between projects, using the squares.  

There was a huge collection of things to make...

The pattern I used was a much improved version—a it's based on blocks (# stitches X # garter ridges)--(so 9 X 9, or 11 X 11, or 13 X 13...) but the blocks are knit together from the get go.  These slippers are  3 blocks X 1 topped with 5 blocks X 1—a total of 8 blocks per slipper, with minimal seaming, since the blocks are pre-joined.  

One seam actually—A long zigzag one finished them.   Too big to actually be sewn comfortable in one go; you'd need a yard of yarn to pull through those first stitches. And all the seams are on the top of the slipper--making it comfortable to walk on.. I went up a needle size (to make a loose fabric for fulling/felting) but I bet I could go down a size to a US6/4mm needle and make a tight dense garter fabric,  and just leave the slippers as they are--and they would work almost as well.

I likely won't get them felted today—I felt a little off yesterday, but today, fever and cough, stuffy nose, headache, the whole 9 yards of a cold –its a day to sit back and keep warm, to rest and take care of myself.

With rest, and soup, and other hot fluids, I should be fine again in a day or two.


Judy said...

Get well, young lady!

(I can say that cause we are about the same age.)

Thanks for the link, I'm off to explore!

zippiknits.....sometimes said...

Rest and Get well!

If it's that Cold from Hell, then you will feel really bad for a couple of days and then get better each day, noticeably better. DH and I and his two sisters got it from one of the sisters. Families do share!