Monday, February 16, 2015

Step 3 Is Still On Hold

But the mistake in the socks has been repaired, and between my frequent naps, I have gotten a few round done... a hardly noticeable amount, but something. I think its the flu, rather than a cold, I have minimal nasal congestion, and almost no cough, but I am achy and fevery but not too bad. Well, not too bad so long as I keep warm, get 10 hours sleep at night, and 2 daytime naps. I wake to eat and drink fluids, and then rest till I take a nap.

I take aspirin at night to sleep, but I manage 2 day time naps with no effort. I have a stock of soup—and lemons and honey. And plenty of vitamin C drops—which don't cure anything—but I think they are a useful anti oxidant—and inflammation and infections do release free radicals, upping your body's need for anti oxidants

So I will lay low and take all the rest I need. I won't venture out—there really is no reason to—until the winds die down, and the temperature comes up (at least to something close to normal (ie, above freezing!) )--which won't be til the weekend!

I got a load of dishes done, too. Had to. I had run out of bowl for soup and hot oatmeal (my breakfast the past few days. Now I have lots of clean bowls ready to fill again with hot, healing soup.

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