Friday, March 13, 2015

Nothing Doing

I am still working on last months socks—I haven't even done an inch past the half row of waste yarn for the heel placement.

And I haven't done much else. The weather is better, and last weeks mountain of snow have melted away—and there has been glorious sunshine day after day. But I am spent. I find it harder and harder each year to adjust to Daylight saving time—and for the first week, I have insomnia.. a rare complaint for me. March is always the low point in the year... 

But I have been thinking—and planning and today, I even got a video done. Two videos actually; one about sewn bind offs, and one of a sewn bind off. I think sewn bind offs are under-represented. 

 I know of 4, the simple sewn bind off, (also known as EZ sewn bind off or a back stitch bind off) that results in a bind off edge that is very similar to the long tail cast on.)

There is also a sewn bind off that matches the Latvian Cast on, (which is a varition of the basic long tail cast on) and also know as an Open and Closed Loop Long Tail Cast On.

Third, there is a sewn bind off that matches the twisted long tail cast on

Finally, there is a tubular bind off—which is just a variation of Grafting (aka Kitchener stitch) and matches a tubular cast on

There are more sewn bind offs than these four, sewn hems for sure, and I have heard of others, but have never seen photo's of the finished bind off, or photo essays on how to work the bind offs.

The text tutorial I have come across aren't all that clear. They make you true believers in the expression a single picture is worth a thousand words! I will work on learning these, (and their faults) with the goal of making videos of these bind offs too.

I am not a complete fan of the simple bind off. I would rather start a project with a different cast on and knitting needle worked bind off than sew a bind off –most often.

But there are uses for sewn bind offs, (even if I don't use them very often)  The above videos are already on YOUTube and there are links to them on my web page, on the page of Bind Offs, so they can easily be found again.