Thursday, April 30, 2015

A Little Progress Made

Yesterday was my scheduled day with the grandchildren—Miss J was a bit under the weather.  Miss C had ended the weekend with a stomach virus. Miss J, as always, had to have what ever Miss C had—and started feeling ill very late (11:30PM) Tuesday night. The worst was over by Wednesday morning—because she was sick to her stomach most of the night.

In three days the girls generated 6 loads of wash by throwing up on themselves, their crib sheets, and their parents. They were both a bit cranky—Miss J still had a bit of fever, (but had stopped throwing up) Miss C was better, but cranky from lack of sleep.  Miss J largely sleep through Miss C's being sick, but Miss J kept Miss C from sleeping. I kept them entertained for a while as DD finished up the last 3 loads of laundry.

By late after noon the sun was out and the air at its warmest 78°f—so we went out side to get some fresh air... Chalk, a big red ball and bubbles provided entertainment.

Miss C loved the bubbles—Miss J still wasn't at her best, and only wanted to snuggle with momma, (NOT Nana—she had had enough of me for the day.) But she cheered up when a few birds came into the play area—And while she didn't want me, she did want to play with my knitting--I let her of course. I spent this AM undoing the knots she managed to make in the yarn. It's is amazing how good both girls are as knotting the yarn!

In spite of the knots, I made some progress, not much, but some—the ribbing is clearly longer. I like these socks better than the last pair I knit—even though pink is not a favorite color. I generally like socks with a fancy cuff and plain (or ribbed) knitting for the rest of the sock.  I have some pink clothes, too, though not many. 

I have one major set—from back in the early 1990's I bought a slightly damaged bold of cloth—60 inches wide, (down to 56 inches for most of the bolt)about 10 yards in all.(for $10 or so- I remember I didn't have enough  cash, and paid in $0.50 tokens) I made: a skirt, a jacket, a vest, a pair of pants, and a pair of long shorts... I still have the all but the pants, for no other reason than they have hardly been worn—see statement above—Pink isn't a favorite color!

I also have 2 lengths of cloth (soon to be shirt dresses) that have some pink accents so these socks will have some “go with's”. The 20 year old pink jacket will match the shirt dresses, too.

Some time in the future, I will knit a pink (a very bright Bubble Gum pink) shell (from Lion Brand Sock-easeyarn, in Lollypop) . With a co-coordinating cardigan—in a hand painted pink--Araucania Atacama. (you can see this in my stash on Ravelry) Together these will make an almost, but not quite, matching sweater set. The socks are not a perfect match either, (color wise) but will be close enough.

In the past (the recent past, even!) I hardly ever got cold--but time is catching up to me, and now I like the idea of owning a very warm alpaca sweater,


Judy said...

Sorry to read the grand-babies we not feeling well. Maybe next week.

I hear you on the cold business. Up until about 5 years ago a hooded sweatshirt or a windbreaker was all I needed, except in a howling blizzard. Now? I need a long sleeve shirt and a sweater in my own living room. Sheesh!

zippiknits...sometimes said...

Goodness! Hope everyone is fine and fit soon. Twins always share everything. And they share it with their mommies, too!

The little socks are so sweet.