Friday, May 15, 2015

2 Days Later

Scarf is  knit up, awaiting fringe and finishing—that's what's on the schedule for today. First cutting the fringe, then looping it on.. and as I go, weaving in the ends and finishing all the details. It won't be a full fringe--just from center front to the shoulder or so.

As for the Pink Crown socks—Progress has been made there, too.. When last seen, at the completion of the gusset, the sole measured about 3.25 inches—or almost 1/3 of the foot done. I find 9inches and a bit (the bit size depends on the gauge and amount of ease) is right for my feet. Since then, 2 more inches (and a bit) have been added—so I have more than 5.25 inches—but not yet 5.5. So more than half of the sole of the socks have been knit—what ever way you might think about it.  It's still plenty short of a 2/3rds--(6.5). The last 2 inches or so are designated “toe”, so at least 2 more inches of knitting till I think about toe shaping. These socks are not going to be a 3 month project—more like 3 weeks.

The scarf will be finished today/tonight, and then I can work on the socks full time—physically. Mentally, I will be planning the next pair and something else—Should I finish up one of my many UFO's? Or start something new? New is always interesting—many times UFO's become UFO's because, in truth, no matter how excited I was by them in the beginning, somewhere along the way, I lost interest.

I have endless skeins of silk, wool and silk& wool blends for shawls—I tend to like rectangular scarf like shawls (but I hate the idea of knitting yet another rectangle!) But even these hardly get worn—so why knit another? Still some are so pretty—I want to knit one.

I need some sweaters (I never thought I would say that!)--and have lots of wool suitable—skeins and skeins of sock yarn for lacy (but warm) shells, and another collection of skeins of Noro wool and silk for another shell. Alpaca for a cardigan, Merino, too. Skeins and skeins of lovely hand spun—for Who knows what? Hats or cowls or fingerless gloves—Plenty of stash, plenty of ideas—all I need to do is DECIDE—and then to do it.

When all else falls, there are so many things I can knit for the girls—Poncho's and sweaters, and tunic like dresses to keep them warm. They are still growing—up and up—and changing. I can't wait to knit them soft angora muffs—and lace princess capes.

Personalities becoming more clearer and clearer—Miss C is the Dancing Queen—for now, and fearless. Miss J is more cautious—but also more methodical—working things out, with determination. She has just about mastered walking down stairs (so long as there is a lower level railing.) Miss C is OK with a single step, but not so much with a flight.

Every mother know, each child is unique, and does thing their own way—but it is so much fun with twins to watch the two of them –working out different solutions—taking different paths, and then ending up together—at the same place and time.

Miss C wanted to walk yesterday, and set off, on her own, leading the way—Miss J opt to ride in the stroller, and then consented to sharing the empty seat with other child (they were at a early child education program at the zoo)--She plays well with others.

In the geodesic dome aviary, Miss J was acting fearless, and had a little tantrum when Nana refused to let her climb up (and ideally, over) the railing of the raised walkway, to jump down 20 feet into the pond with ducks--(what a mean Nana I am!) Later, both girl raced to get closer to the quail on another part of the railing. The quail jump and ran for cover, much to their disappointment.

Both are beginning to learn the advantage to speaking in English—and not their own private language --At the zoo, Ducks are “quacks” (and a great favorites) and the sea lions bark and the girls respond with barking of their own. They have learned that words are useful to get their favorite books read to them. They don't always know the whole title, but use key words; Happy is short hand for an Elmo book—If You are Happy—not to be confused with HOPPY—a book about rabbits.

They agree on some books—and REQUIRE Nana to read it first to Them, and then let Nana read it to sister, and then again to them, (they want to turn the pages themselves) and take turns—usually. Of course--sometimes there is a tussle to be first.  Nana has her favorite books, too, and sometimes reads what SHE wants.

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