Wednesday, May 13, 2015

A Pause

I am really liking the Pink socks—even if I don't have much use for them—After photographing and posting this morning, I worked another 4 rounds... (3.25 inches now on the sole!)--but for most of today, they were paused.

I picked up the sparkly scarf—and finished off skein 4. The second half of the scarf was 8 inches short—just about spot on—I figured I need about ½ a the fifth skein to finish the scarf, and I have already established, 1 skein yields about 17 of length at this width—so ½ a skein more it is!

I'll still need to do finishing details then—weaving in the tail, and cutting the fringe and adding it. Fringe takes forever—cutting, folding, placing, trimming. It is rare for me to add it because it is just so much work! But every once in a while—it is just the right finish. I might have if finished Friday—not in the AM—but by the time the day is done. Not bad for 2 weeks work!

No photos—today is Wednesday—my day with the girls--(and sock knitting on the bus) and I am just making a mini post. Tomorrow is Zoo day—a shorter bus ride, and a busier day. The girls love the zoo, but by the end of the day, they are so tired.

Last week, I carried Miss J, and DD carried Miss C the last half mile and up a flight of stairs. At 15 months, the girls are getting big (28lbs or so!) I was exhausted, too! So there likely won't be a post at all on Thursday.

By Friday, I should have some show and tell—Some progress on both—and time enough to photograph, and crop and post for you to see.

I am already thinking about my next pair of socks—there is a new stitch I want to try out—I am thinking I might have to swatch it.. (and figure out how to work it in the round! ) Rapunzel socks..that is all I will say!

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