Saturday, May 02, 2015

Get a Leg On

This idiom is one from my childhood (is it still used?) It means “hurry up”--

Today, it refers to my socks.. they have 'a leg on'—A bit more than 5 inches now, less than an inch to go before I start the heel. I like how the yarn pools –mostly light/dark rows alternating, but ever 10 or so rounds, a double light stripe.

This sock will have a Flapped, Turned and Gussetted heel—the flap will be a full eye of partridge stitch (Heel stitch is considered to be a half eye of partridge stitch) a standard (is there a standard?) turn, with conventional gussets-- a simple foot, continueing with the ribs on the insole, and basic flat toe.  Mostly just generic socks, with a bit of fancy at the cuff.

I went yesterday to Smiley's—and I am going back. I got some great yarn—some single ply, worsted weight merino in dark blues and turquoise jewel tones—enough for a hat and fingerless mittens.. but now I am thinking: I want a cowl, not a hat, and 4 50g skeins aren't going to be enough—and at $2 a skein (this yarn normally retails for $9 a skein) 

4 more skeins won't ever be the cost of a single skein normally. I might get some more alpaca, too, even though they only have white. I have some taupe/camel brown, and some black already in my stash. But even plain white for a hat would be a nice idea. These 50g skeins are also just $2. 

 I bought the last of sock yarn (2 pairs worth) I had hoped they would have more, but at a $1 each (again 50g skeins) $2 for enough yarn for a pair of socks, is a good deal. The Red Heart skeins are 50/30 wool and nylon with a bit of sparkle, too.  The dark red yarn is (like the alpaca) is Filatura Lanarota--Plymouth Yarns private brand.  

Next week is a busy one—I don't know how much knitting or blogging I will get done..But Saturday is going to be devoted to knitting with friends—and I will catch up – I hope.

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