Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Pink Socks—Finished!

Toes knit, and grafted, and all the end woven in. Here they are, already to wear... But I won't—well not just yet. I like to let my socks rest—usually a week or two, sometimes a month or too.  

To keep them fresh and new and perfect—to be petted and treasured before they go into rotation with all the other socks.

I'd have no rational reason for doing this—but I do it all the same! I still haven't finished adding all the fringe to the Sparkly Blue Scarf/Shawl—Maybe tonight—in any case, I will show you where I stand tomorrow (My day with the girls has been moved to Thursday this week, at DD request.)

As for me, I will just keep knitting. I have pulled out a bag for my next pair of socks—the tiger stripe self patterning yarn. I put a lot into these bag when I make them up—Yarn, needles, a tapestry needle, a measuring tape, some stitch markers, scissors and other stuff. This bag has a crochet hook too, and some tissues. I sometimes add treats (a wrapped butterscotch candy). My personal sock club socks tend to be packed in clear bags, and not marked for a specific month—Just kits for sock knitting. Sometimes I add a pattern, and sometimes just a pattern idea.

From the previous bag—used for the last 3 pairs of socks—I will add some hand sanitizer, and some hand cream (I find knitting with wool dries my skin) And since it's coming on to summer time, a sample size tube of some sun screen—in case I need it.

The Pink Crowns bag (another clear plastic purse like this one) has already been refilled with 2 skeins of Reynolds “Swizzle” in it—It will also need a bit of contrasting solid yarn(s)--likely bits of left overs from other socks—to do something special with cast on edge—and maybe the heel and toes, too. Close, organized stripes, (the yarn has widely spaced stripes) –or a set of similar—but not the same ruffles as the pair I did in the same pattern yarn (in blue). I will rummage in the extra large Zip lock back I have of left over bits—The remain pink yarn will go in, and some solid colors will come out. I have considered making a blanket from all the left over bits.. And that might happen one day. But I often used the scraps for trim-- I have made 2 pairs of spiral knits socks over the years--(I have given both away) maybe an other pair--for me!-- someday soon. There are so many things to do with scraps of yarn. I am sometimes paralyzed with the choices.

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Judy said...

Love the new socks! And I like how you treat yourself with your sock kits...never thought of that...must be too practical for that bit of whimsy for myself..or Puritan...need to lighten up for myself.