Monday, May 18, 2015

Sparkly Blue Scarf, Fringed?

Um, well, No....I've started—and done some—but there are more fringes to add—a lot more. First the yarns to cut, and fold, and knot in place. Finally, I will need to trim the edge. Fringe is, or rather can be, easy, and I am doing an easy fringe...but it is a bit time consuming, as well as using up a lot of yarn.

Only the toe to do.
But the pink crown socks are closer to being finished! I will be starting the toe shaping in the next round — The toe won't take much time—decreases every other round always make the work go fast. Then they will be done! The question then is: What's next?

I mentioned, in an earlier post, that my favorite style socks is one with a fancy cuff, and relatively plain body—a generic sock with a special top. I have a lot of these. Ruffles or beads, or pattern work, lace or layer—there are lots of ways to dress up the top end of a sock. I change up the heels, and sometimes do something special with the toes, too. I find a nice yarn doesn't need much to make very nice sock--a little flair is plenty. 

A Twisted Rope Effect Edge Stitch 
I have been thinking about another special top for a pair of socks—first I thought of a braid—a Rapunzel sock, and was thinking how to work the braid in the round. I got distracted from working on the scarf fringe, by making a swatch of just such an idea.

Here is the first idea (a failure) not a braid, but a twisted rope. It looks good, but it is not stretchy enough. It might be better with a provisional cast on, (which might have more stretch) but as is, it won't work--the edge (lower edge in image) is too tight.   It might work with just more twisted ropes --but already the stitch count is 66, and making more ropes, and then decreases? I don't know. So this swatch, will be unraveled, and reworked.

I have a better understanding of the stitch pattern process, though, and now know how to join the pattern in a round.  So I will  go back to the idea of working the stitch pattern in a braid--(not a twisted rope like loop) and see how that works.

The stitch (pattern) is easy, but a bit tedious—Worked as a braid, it's is two times as tedious as the looped rope.  It's OK for a sock edging—but I wouldn't want to use this for much else. Though I am thinking it might be nice for an inset on a hat. I'll keep that in mind—and think about how I could use it.

I think I am going to keep experimenting with this stitch pattern. But in the meanwhile, I think I will change plans, and  do my next pair of socks from my sock club collection. A pair made from a self patterning yarn—in a tiger stripe. The kind of self patterning yarn that demands nothing but plain knitting—and turns out fabulous all on its own.  A bag is all set up ready to go. 

(One other positive note: The semi annual cleaning of all the shelves and bins of the refrigerator is half done—Order, once again is beginning to prevails. )

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