Monday, May 04, 2015

When Will I Be Finished?

At first, I thought, 5 inches. Five inches will be plenty for the leg. Then when I reached five inches, I thought again, and said—An inch more. Now six inches has come (and gone) and the plan is now for 7 inches. Just another half dozen rows.

Really, honestly and truly, seven inches it is. And then I will start the heel.

I'd been done with the seven inches, but I got distracted—This is another one of the yarns I got at Smiley's (and I am going back tomorrow after my doctors appointment for more) I was just going to swatch a bit, and see how it looked, and now I have plans... Only I don't have enough yarn (there were dozens of packages of this yarn on Saturday—I am trusting there will be a few skeins left!)  I need 3 more (I only bought 2).

This is one skeins worth—about 9 inches by 17. Another skein and I will have 34 inches, then 1 skein for a “transition” and 2 more skeins for symmetry. It's only a dollar per skein—so I might by a 10 skein package. I went to Smiley's with N (she is very shy on line, so we'll leave it at N) and I know she bought some skeins of this too, for a scarf. If I am short, she will be do. I am seeing N again this weekend coming, so the timing is right, too.

I have to catch up on laundry, too. Until last week I was wearing my winter jacket, and had 2 (albeit light weight) blankets on my bed. Time to wash them and put them away, along with the long sleeve T shirts and switch over to short sleeved ones. Today, regular wash—the normal contingent of sheets and towels, undies and outerwear, sock and miscellaneous stuff, Wednesday, more laundry, all of the extra stuff—Plus one extra special load of hand knits—scarves, and gloves, and hats.

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