Wednesday, May 06, 2015


Contained a lot of unpleasantness—but I am not going to focus on that!

The good news: I got to Smiley's (though later than I had hoped) and snagged the last package of the sparkly yarn—I bought a full ten pack.  This wasn't the real last pack, just the last pack in this color--the only color I cared about.  I am pretty sure Ms N planned two scarves, and her 4 skeins will only be enough for 1 scarf.  This bonus pack will provide both of us with enough yarn. I am half way through skein 2 on my scarf—25 inches or so. I am thinking I might even add a fringe to my scarf, since the plan is 2 skeins for one end, 1 skein center detail,  I am pretty sure the center detail won't require a full skein.  S half a skein for the center,  2 more skeins for the second half. I have set aside for myself a total of 6 skeins, leaving me about 1 and half skeins for? 

The dark blue jewel tone wool I hoped to snag? Gone—so I will have to content my self with making a hat and set of fingerless gloves (and not a long shaped cowl that also would function as a hat).

To console myself, I picked up an other half dozen skeins of the Lanaroto “Puna”, (50g skeins of 100% alpaca)  2 more in white, and a few colors (taupe and blue). --I had a few skeins of this in my stash--from previous trips to Smiley's—and now have enough ( 24 skeins!) to do something with.. My stash has more white, some black and some dark red. I have seen some beautiful color work hat patterns in white and taupe—but I think stranded color work would be just too warm! But stripes are nice—especially chevrons, or scalloped ones. White with red and black is a nice combo, and so is white with blue and taupe. We (DD and I) are not of the school that dresses little girls in pinks—only. They have a lot of pink clothes, but not exclusively.

Maybe new hood hats for the girls. They will be in car seats for a few years, and hats with dickies made of fine yarn will fit under the seat belt straps, and provide warmth, with out compromising safety. Paired with a blanket, (for their leg,)and mittens (also of the alpaca!) they can be warm and cozy with out winter coats.

And a double bonus-- 2 more sets of sock yarn! That I paid for--plus a set of straight needles--Free. Not my favorite needles, or sizes--9 inches long, plastic, sizes from US 8 (5mm) to size US 10.5--but who doesn't love getting things for free?

Free Needles
Meanwhile, the first batch of laundry from earlier this week is done –Washed, dried, folded, AND PUT AWAY. The put away part isn't always accomplished—there have been times I dressed myself from the basket of clean laundry--for days on end.  The laundry cart (living in an apartment, I have a “granny cart” to take laundry to and from the laundry room) is filled again with MORE laundry—for later today. Maybe not put away today, but at least washed, dried and folded.

Tomorrow, I am going to the zoo with the Girls—Miss C and Miss J—for an educational program and picnic lunch, too. The Queens Zoo is in Flushing Meadows—a huge park—One end is with in walking distance of me, the other, with in walking distance of my DD—and we live 5 miles apart! But the zoo is far enough from me that I will take the bus. Running around for a few hours with the girls is plenty of exercise—I can save the 2 mile walk there for an other day.

There will likely be a carousel ride too. Likely, I won't have the time, energy, or anything new to post again till Friday –and while I will have made some progress (I have started the heel flap on my Pink socks) there won't be much knitting done.

I have plans for Saturday, (friends) and Sunday (it is Mothers Day, after all) making this week the busiest in months. But it's all good!

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