Friday, May 08, 2015


Was a beautiful day; warm, dry, sunny. It started early 10—at the Queens Zoo. An early education program with a lizard and guinea pig to pet—All of the children were excited and a little fearful at first-but they all reached out to pet eventually.

They spend some time with indoor play, and some songs, and then when out to see the animals—the children s zoo has mostly domesticated farm animals—and there was plenty of kibble to go round.
We fed the goats, (several domesticated breeds) and the sheep (Jacob's sheep) and the cows—Cattle I suppose is the correct term, but the zoo only has heifers, no bulls, so they were all cows, really. Real cows (ie milch cows ) breed I know from living in NY—Angus, Guersury, Jersey, ) and some Scottish breeds, one very wooly--(black with a white belt,) and one all black, and Texas long horn cattle, too. These were she's—but not really cows. Udderly evident that they were not bred for milk production.

Afer the program, we headed over to the main part of the zoo, to see the sea lions get fed, but we got the time wrong—the ticket taker said 11:30, but it was 11:15—and after feeding the sea lions all took a nap—but we many other animals. Though not most of them.

By this point (12:30) the girls were exhausted. They past the carosel and train ride with out any interest, stagger with each step. We we took turns carrying them the last half mile and up the steps. They were having a hard time towards the end—they were dead on their feet.

Once home, they took a nap—(I did too!) I had woken at 5 AM, and needed a rest too.

After a late lunch (they napped from 1:30 to 4--(I just took a 1 hour nap), we were out again. We walked a few blocks to the city park/playground—We being DD and myself. The Girls got to ride in there stroller. My DD had a CSA meeting—in a school building next to the park. They would a bit of time playing, and then join the beginning of the CSA meeting. Then Daddy would take them home (DD had a precooked dinner waiting for the 3 of them). I hopped on the bus and headed home.

My fit bit recorded 3 miles for day. I was totally spent—the fit bit doesn't record carrying round a 30(well almost 30) lb baby! There was plenty of lifting too, beside the carrying. A real work out! But it really was a lovely day.
I got a few rows done on the Pick Crown socks—the flap is still not even half done. But I will work on them a bit today. 

And I also got a few rows on the V shaped scarf/ shawl--The center miter and another few inches. 

Here are some images—you can see how the shaping can be used to style the shawl..
With the V positioned in center front, wrapped or left open..

Or the V positioned in the back--once again left open or wrapped 

 Finally with the V shaping on the shoulder, wrapped

I think it will look (and function) better with some fringe.  Bur first I have to finish knitting it!

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