Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Cast On and Ribbed

Even a round or 2 of beading done!

Its hard to see, but the cast on is a bit of an edging. First an Italian (tubular) cast on, followed by 2 complete rows of simple double knitting—a complete row requires 2 passes to “work” every stitch.

Then, as I joined the edge into a round, I worked in a pattern of K2tog, YO. On the next round, the YO was purled, and a 1 X 1 ribbing was established. This created a round of eyelets—an edging--

I worked my usually 1.5 inches of ribbing (really 1.25 since the edging took up a quarter of an inch), and then worked 2 rounds with beads. Round 1 was: K1, place a bead, P1. Round 2 was: Place a bead, P1, K1.

The beading after this is going to be somewhat random-- I haven't thought out exactly what I will be doing.. Stocking knit, or seed stitch, or ribbing.. The socks are just a free for all.

Later today, an unexpected visit with the girls (a Dentist appointment for my DD). If possible, I will get her to try on the Tyger, Tyger socks. You'll have to wait to find out—Tomorrow is the Little Hatchlings program at the Queens zoo, and while I will get some knitting done on the way to the zoo, I won't have time to make a blog post.  

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