Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Finally, Fringed!spa

A quick little nothing—Knit in a week, and now a month later finally finished. Fringe is a nice finishing touch to a garment and/or accessory—but fringe is slow and tedious to do. This was some of the yarn I purchased on my Mayday trip to Smiley's closing sale.

The knitting was finished in no time, the fringe started, (and all cut) but its been waiting for me to just put it together.

I'm thinking this will be gifted to a friend who going through a bad patch—She is ill (frozen shoulder) and needs surgery to resolve, her mother is ill, (with a laundry list of thing—made longer by a fall that broke bones in her face) and finally, her dog, age 13 is suffering from old age, too. Its all a bit too much for her—She is a bit of drama queen, (and I am OK with that) but she is also really dealing with a number of real issues.

She needs a bit of warmth and care to wrap herself in, to feel cared for—It's not the softest, cuddlest fiber, the sparkly bits are a bit scratchy—but D is a sparkly person, and she'll like the look of the scarf/shawl enough that she won't mind that isn't the softest.

I haven't been working on the Tyger, Tyger socks for a week (I have been reading, and watching Netflix, and even caught a movie (Aloha)--It's back to the sock today.

There is a list (a new list) of things to knit—and there is sewing to do, piled up, and laundry(also piled up)

So its time to get back to work.

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