Saturday, June 06, 2015

Not a Half Foot

By any measure. Just 4 inches. My size 9 feet need about 9.25 inches of foot in a sock. These socks, for my DD (and her slightly larger feet) will need 9.5 inches of foot in a sock (if not even more!) so with 4 inches done, they are still short of being half done—foot--wise!

But the long gusset is done, and foot portion started, and soon enough they will be socks. I have reduced the stitch count, from 64 to 60—so these socks should just fly off the needles.

In the meanwhile, I have been working on my web page, and making lists.

One list is of videos I want/need to make...

There are still some Cast ons, and Bind offs that need videos, and Selvage stitches, too.
There are videos needed for the Sock knitting tutorial, and for the Double knitting, and for the Knitting in the Round tutorials.
There is a new tutorial being started (even though the other tutorial still need videos to be completed). The newest work in progress is one about Mathematical Knitting. Which also includes scientific knitting.

The other list is a reminder of things I want to knit-- it has about 15 items in the now....
1—Tyger, Tyger socks (in progress), For DD
2—Socks for me, Blue in Fashion Foot yarn, (maybe with beads?)
3—Socks for my S-I-L in grey stripes, Kroy yarn

4—Blue lace sleeves as lamp shades for Ikea lamps
5—Noro cotton and silk, shell top (tank top)
6—Yet another lace scarf/demi shawl (in peach silk and wool)

7—Taupe “sparkle yarn” (Red Heart wool blend) socks for me
8—Peter Pan Aran multi color (clown vomit) sweaters for the twins
9—Bright pink shell in Lion brand sock ease yarn –something lacy, but not too much so.

10—Hats (I always want to knit hats!)
11—Fingerless gloves (some to go with some of the hats)
12—Sweater vest—in wool (button front) I like these, and since I feel the cold more each year, I need them too.

13—Bath Mats (with the ceiling repaired, and repainted, time for new bath accessories!)
14—Pot holders (the old ones are stained, and grungy, and two are scorched)
15—Place mats, too, in blue for dining room table.--Maybe a set for DD, too.

16—A full sized (oversized) sweater coat.

That is the list so far—I don't know that I will end up knitting all the items (in order) but the list serves as a reminder—these are things I want to knit. Some will be quick projects, others are big projects...but   

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