Monday, June 15, 2015

Tyger, Tyger—Done

Here they are, completed. It was a good thing I had my DD try them on—I had added a few extra rows, and the socks were just short of 8 inches when she did—and they were still a half inch too short.

8.5 inches of the foot—then another 2+ a bit for the toe shaping. They look better on LEGS than most of the socks I knit for me—but they also wrinkle a bit on the instep because they are too large for LEGS little feet.

I also got a few rows done on my beaded blue socks—but only a half dozen or so—I spent most of the weekend glued to the TV binge watching the new episodes of Orange is the New Black. The hot, hazy humid weather made that an easy thing to do.

Normally, or rather last year, I would have spent a hot, hazy, humid day at the local pool—But I didn't join this year. Last year, on July 5th, the pool was officially closed by BoH—the water was deemed to be unsafe to swim in. The operator, Aquatic Recreations, ignored the BoH ordered closure, and re-opened the pool—I was one of the unlucky patrons who went in, and got sick. I ended up with a upper respiratory infections, that before it was cured, became a case of double bronchitis—and left me sick until mid August.

I really enjoyed the pool—it was close and convenient. But I lost half the summer to being sick—and I don't want a repeat of that!

I will be getting a NYC ID card, and a NYC Parks and Recreation card (the latter is discounted by 10% if you have the first (which is free). The closest city pool is 2 short bus rides away—and free with the NYC Parks and Recreations card. My DD will be taking the girls to the city pool in Flushing Meadow park. This pook will be free with the Parks & Recreation card—including certified classes in infant swimming.

Getting the ID card has been a hang up—there are still long lines for signing up (it is free). And there are a limited number of places to apply—none in my immediate neighborhood. But one day soon...

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