Friday, June 26, 2015

Working at Knitting Work

but not really knitting.--I still haven't finished the leg, let alone the whole pair of socks I started 2 weeks ago—So I can't claim to have done much knitting.  The leg of the sock is just short ( by a row or two) of 5 inches.  I plan to start the heel flap when I get to 5.5 inches. I thought these skeins were a matching dye lot--but clearly (and even more noticable in the photo images) they are not.  I don't mind--they are close enough.  

But I have been continuing to work on my Web page—A set of instructions for decreasing for the crown of hat—a mere page (that is, about 1 page of text if printed out) when I started, has grown to about 3 pages of info, with links and images, and details. It's still mostly about shaping the crown of a hat when working from the brim to the crown—but 90% of the information will work just as well, if you want to start a hat at the crown, and work down to the brim.

This tutorial (Part 4 of Knitting in the Round) is still  just about a few styles of knitting hats—there are many more styles than hats knit in the round, (either brim up or crown down)--and more styles than domed hats, flat hats or peaked hats—but these styles of hats are very popular—and having a nicely done tutorial is helpful and important.

Other details, too—did you notice? Look up to the top of your browser—this blog now has a flavicon—a little apple (a 8 X 8 pixal image) --not the default Blogger B, and soon my web page will have a flavicon, too. A silly detail perhaps, but it pleases me.

I've continued to edit other tutorials besides Knitting in the Round—The Double Knitting tutorial has been edited up to section 4 (of 10)--and the first half of section 5 is complete, too. Section 5 starts off with a new pattern—one for simple geometric design for potholder (Steps)--previously, it was a bare bones recipe—now its a real pattern.. (It is in Ravelry, too)

Other pattern that just had some notes/ recipe will be edited and full patterns will be written up, too.

And finally a non knittting project is underway—It starts with these sneakers. The small bits of elastic (wedges) have already been removed, making way for several customized changes—with ribbons and embroidery. I have embroidered sneakers before (Way back in 2008 or so I blogged about a pair, but I did the same before I had a blog (for that matter, I did it before I had children!)

So that is it for now.

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