Tuesday, July 21, 2015

A Day or Two Away

From a completed bouquet..

It been hot, and I have been busy do all sort of dull and boring things. Re-organized my desk top for the umpteenth time, rerouting the cable wire, (new back in the spring) the phone wires (I now have VOI instead of a land line, and might yet drop that and go strictly with a cel phone at some point in the future), moved the printer (twice!) and have (for the moment) a very nicely configured set up. I hung some art work, too, and pictures (grandchildren). I spend a lot of time on my computer, (and this has been truer than ever, as I have been doing major editing and rewrites to my web page)--so I like having photos of family near by.

Even with a thimble and pliers, sewing the hard canvas of the sneakers is not easy. And this design is the densest I have ever done. In the past, I have done scattered flowers and butterflies, and bees, with more white space than embroidery. These sneakers are different, with much more embroidery than I have ever done before.

I have bought this brand of sneaker before, and I have been pleased with the life of them (3 or 4 years on average) so it's worthwhile, but my fingers cramp, (and get pricked) and well, its a lot of work.

But the end is in sight now—just a few more flowers and leaves to add, and then some holes to punch (and bind with with metal eyelets) and ribbons to thread, and they will be done—Just in time for mid summer—Lughnasi!

These will be the perfect magical shoes to wear for that magical day and night.

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