Thursday, July 02, 2015

All Over the Place!

 I still haven't picked my blue socks back up—but I have knit a few (unsuccessful) swatches--

And I have taken a skein of homespun (From Robyn Love) and made it into a cake for knitting up--
It is a beautiful skein—Baby Icelandic wool and baby alpaca—fine, soft and warm—and interesting. It start out a soft solid silver color, and evolves into a darker silver grey tweed. I love the evolution!

The plan (there is always a plan—even if for no other reason than to deviate from the plan!) is to start at the back, and work a medallion in the back—with silver—and then at some point, bind off some stitches, work some stitches (onto a holder) bind off more, and finally work the last quarter—turning the center squarish medallion into a rectangle.

At some later point, I will stop and work the stitches on the holder, making the starting medallion center back. I have done book markers, knit from number 3 pearl cotton this way—but never a shawl. So it will be a first—but its a good compromise—I love lace worked in the round, and I love rectangular shawls.. so this way I get both.

I've done other stuff besides knitting, too. Some of it a case of “if you say A”— It started when a light bulb failed. So I planned to change it. Finding the right bulb involved clearing and cleaning a shelf in the utility closet. Changing it meant I had to move some furniture. While the furnature was out of place, I cleaned the baseboard and floor. There were some cobwebs in the light fixture, too, so more cleaning. The table cloth (on the end table that was moved) came off, and got put in the wash, and got washed—there is always laundry to do!

While I was at it, a beautiful photograph I had received as birthday present—last year, not this one—That I had finally gotten around to framing (earlier this year) - needed to be hung up. So more stuff got moved, so I could hang it up. As I did, I couldn't help but notice how dusting the windows and window ledges looks..So out came the glass cleaner, and while cleaning the glass, it made sense to add the sun filter film—which should have been put up a month ago—but hadn't been.

So a single light bulb evolved into a day or two of chores! Worse, there is nothing like cleaning up one corner of a room to make you notice how dusting and cluttered the other corners are.. and A leads to B, and B to C, and soon, there is a whole alphabet of work done--or to be done.  No, I didn't get any knitting done.. but there was a whole lot of work going on! Nothing big or special, just a light bulb to changed, that led to a mountain of things getting done!

Meanwhile, along with all the other stuff, I did get to my sneakers. I started by adding a lightly drawn design, and to sort through my skeins and skeins of floss to make a selection for my sneaker bouquets.

The bouquets will be daisy loops, and satin centers, clusters of french knots, and bullion stitch rose buds. There will be satin stitch and herringbone stitch leaves, and stems of, (what else?) . Stem stitch. —lots of colors, and lots of flowers, in lots of different stitches. There are still holes to punch and metal eyelets to add, for the ribbons.

This design is a lot more planned and organized than the last pair I did (back in 2006,) Who knows what the next pair will look like a decade from now.. (and thinking about it, I have embroidered sneakers about once a decade since my teens--) I love the look, and they last a few years, (and I forget what a pain they are to do..)

Embroider is something that comes and goes in my life—another childhood craft that I still practice.
I suspect i will do more of it the next few years--I embroidered details on my clothes, and on my daughters clothes, and likely will do the same for my granddaughters!

Finally, I got to the main branch of the library, yesterday, and filed for my NYC ID card..It won't be here for a few weeks, but at least it is now on the way!

So--I have been busy--and I will get back to my knitting.. but not today.

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