Saturday, July 11, 2015

Dribs and Drabs

Of this and that, and nothing completed.

The weather has been the worst of the summer—Hot, hazy, humid days –and NIGHTS. 5 of them in a row. But 2 night ago, a High blew in (with thunder storms announcing it's arrival!) and I slept well for the first time in days.

So what have I done? An scant inch on the Blue beaded sock—I am ready to start the heel flap (but haven't yet) My darling little grand daughters love my knitting, and are always eager to see me knit. It I don't, they search out my tote bag, rifle through it, and find my knitting. They bring it to me, (leaving the balls of yarn a room away!)

Miss J grabs hold of the needles and twists them round –clearly trying to make them do something.. Miss C is less interested. Both girls are endlessly fascinated by the retractable tape measures. They are likely going to find one in their Christmas stocking in a few months. They may break them, but that's OK. Better to break one of their own, than mine. I already have purchased 1 Christmas present—I am very particular about toys--I am pleased no end that the Fisher-Price toy (a walker that converted to a sit and ride on toy) is still being played with—I like toys that have options and grow with children. It's hard with twins.  They each deserve their own presents--but there is limited space. 
And while interest overlap, they are 2 very different personalities. 

My sneakers bouquets are growing, but there is still more white space than flowers—it will take a few more flowers and leaves to tip the balance. Its really a lot of embroidery to do, and working in the tip of a toe, with canvas as a medium is hard on the fingers—even with a thimble. But I am loving the way they are looking.

I have a pair of black sneaker that are going to have a very few little flowers and leaves sewn on them, too. I have a lot of black and white summer clothes, black and white shoes will be a nice go with. But those will only have embroidery on the tongue of instep—nothing at the tip of the toe (and a lot less embroider in total).

A distraction has been a small infection--(my own fault)--an evening walk that included a short cut over a meadow a few weeks ago was pleasant—but it left me with a ring of bug bites round my ankles.. I scratched at a few, infected them as I did, and now I am playing catch up in getting them healed. They aren't less itchy with inflamation, either!

But all is not "progress going no where" —I have continued working on my my web page, especially the double knitting tutorial, and upgraded two recipes for pot holders into two real patterns.

One of the patterns, Windows, found on Ravelry, actually predates my joining Ravelry! Some one else added it. The second one, Steps has a Ravelry link to the Double knitting tutorial web page.
Both of these links are directly to the Double knitting tutorial.

There are several other pot holder patterns in the tutorial—all of them will eventually get upgraded –from sparse recipes, to full on, line by line patterns.

So that's what I have been doing—dribs and drabs, and nothing much—certainly nothing finished.. but soon...

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