Monday, July 27, 2015


Embroidery done, punch found (not really lost) and grommets too. Too bad there are just 6, (not even enough for 1 sneaker) and in several different colors (I want all white). I think I want white ribbon, too, but green is a close run in my thought process. The punch will make holes, and will also set the grommets, too.

The question of the day is: Where is my white floss? I am sure I have white floss... but I can't find any. No doubt, the second I come home from the craft store, with a skein in tow, several skeins will jump out at me.  White floss is needed to do a corner flower or two of embroidery on my black sneakers.. (I have lots of white and black summer prints--a pair of sneakers with a little floral print will be a good go with!) 

I have errands to run tomorrow, and likely the last will be to AC Moore for floss, and for grommets, and maybe some worsted weight cotton for some potholders.... (and maybe more if I think of other things I need.)   Its been months since I have been to AC Moore, so who knows what will grab my interest! There will be just a smidgeon of embroidery on the black sneakers, so they should be done in heart beat—by the end of the week I hope.

I have a huge selection of floss (some of it so old, it has 5¢ price tags!) I used to do a lot of casual embroidery on collars and cuffs, on my clothes and on my kids clothes. I've always liked have personalized clothing. Embroider is one way to achieve individualized clothing—These sneakers have taken a few weeks, but I haven't worked on them continually, but picked them up and put them down. I am pleased with the results. Even if they aren't entirely finished.

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