Saturday, August 29, 2015

A Week--

So busy, that I found it hard to remember just what I did! Good stuff, bad stuff, busy stuff.
I am feeling old—The older generation, (my parents and their peers) is just about gone. My father remains, in body, but his mind is gone. He is fortunately, happy to sit and watch nature, and listen to music. He sometimes remembers he has children, and their names, but mostly he remembers Arias, oprahs and the stories behind them.

This week, he became the last of his generation alive. Getting together for a funeral of someone who is in their 90's, who had a good long, mostly healthy life—has an element of sadness, but it becomes a mini family reunion—with cousins coming from far and near, to share time together. Ginny was interred here in NY, where she lived all but the last six months of her life—with her husband and son. And we are all that closer to being the old generation.

It also makes for a long day—one that left me totally exhausted.

Another day involved taking possession of the car I hope soon to own—the car is from an almost contemporary friend—he was 12 years older. 2 other friends died in the past 3 months, and both of them were younger than me. When friends and contemporaries start dieing off, it really make you feel old—and vulnerable. (An acute attack of arthritis, leaving me limping doesn't help either)

The hold up with the car is the title—no title, no sale; no sale, no registering it in my name. So it is sitting in my garage, gathering dust...

I also took a bed from his apartment—it was bought late in his illness, and was never slept in. My old bed (just a mattress and frame) was (is) 20 + years old, so I really needed a new one. This bed has an adjustable base—No box spring, and the adjustable frame is high enough to fit those plastic  storage boxes underneath. My bed linens are stored in a storage box already—it will be nice to have them handy –I have a dust ruffle so the boxes will be hidden—and the bed will look dressy and not bare boned. I am thinking about a head board, too. And perhaps mounting some pin up lamps on the head board. I like to end my day reading or knitting in bed.. a nice lamp to do so, is almost a must.

But it will be a few days, (2 weeks or so) till I get the new bed set up. --since I really need a major reorganizing. I started out with out a real plan, when I moved in, and very little furniture. Thing were placed piece meal in my bedroom over the years, a set of drawers here, a cabinet below with a bookcase above there. No real order or organization.

Now its time to take everything out, and put back what I want, and throw out what doesn't work.
I have been having a bit of clean out for the past month—in other rooms—cleaning and more importantly, reorganizing and culling (Oh the stuff I have thrown out!) —this will just continue on a grander scale.

I saw the girls, this week too—Swimming classes are over, but we continue to go to the pool (one more visit is scheduled) Miss C started classes wary of being in the water, now she cries when its time to leave. She also started needing to be coxed into the pool—Yesterday, she was sliding off the pools edge into the water on her own—I still catch her—but she is growing more confident with each visit.

As for knitting—I've gotten a little done. I haven't finished the double knit potholder (swatch) but it is nearing completion—9 inches done, 3 more to go. That will make it 11x 12, before I wash it hot water and shrink it. It will still be a big potholder—but that's the way I like them—Oversized!

The sock legs eased past 8 inches and the heel flap is complete. (the markers are for the heel turning). The heel turning is a simple short row one (one I have never done, though) and then gussets—that are hidden in the biased bands of the leg stitch pattern. This will be a change for me—As a matter of habit, I tend to pick up all my gusset stitches on the sole side of the sock, and instep is left unchanged—but this sock requires all the gusset stitches on the instep—and it just sounds weird—and I suspect it will feel a bit weird, too.

I have my daughters old fitbit—and I almost never get in 10,000 steps a day—but this week I had 5 days in a row of 5,000, give or take a few hundred. Instead of the more usual 2 days,of 5000,   separated by a day or two) so—you know its been a busy one!

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