Monday, August 03, 2015

Almost Done

With a second pair of embroidered sneakers. Not new ones, but not that old either. (These were new in May, so they have been worn (and washed) but there is barely any wear on sole, even if the black has faded a bit. This time, just a little embroidery—A big open flower, with touches of silver on the silver white cotton. The second sneaker is about half done, and will be finished today—even thought there are lots of errands to do. First of the month (or really first business day of the new month) so its off to pay rent, (or more properly maintenance). The drug store is on my list too, and there are other chores.

In addition to not knitting by doing embroidery, I am going to be not knitting by sewing. One dress for me, and 2 for my granddaughters. There is some tidying needed in my sewing room, and fabric to cut, but for me, a simple shirt dress, and for the girls, a bit more complex dresses—they will be fully lined, and not quite identical—(different colors) but the same pattern and making 2 of the same is quick work.

Tomorrow I have to get over to DD and family's apartment and give the cat some fresh water, and food, and at the same time look for grommets. I might take the long way home and stop at Michael's if the Raindew doesn't have any.

In either case, I will bring my knitting, and make some progress on my JUNE sock. It more than half way done—just a few more rows of gusset, and it will be foot and then toe.   I should get the gusset done, and maybe even more than that.

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