Sunday, August 16, 2015

Day 8

of the Hugo sock, and I have knit 8 inches. I am happy with the progress! Actually, I am a few rounds past 8 inches (but less than 8.25). I intend to do a few more rounds before I start the heel flap. 8 inches just doesn't look long enough.

Based on the previous socks, the foot will be 11.75 inches long, and I tend to like the leg to be equal to the foot in length—when they are folded in half, at the heel. So 8.5 inches of leg, Plus, 3 more inches in the heel flap, will make the heel turning just about mid point of the sock—and long enough for my liking.

Once again, the skeins seem to be shrinking down to nothing very fast—but I actually had 4 skeins to start –I've called this a drab color (and it is) but I rather like. So I don't have a worry in the world.

  I bought a pair of skeins, and then some months later, bought another pair (forgetting I had the first). I like and own many colorful pairs of socks.. but sometimes, I like a plain drab pair, too.

If I see this yarn again, I might end up with another 2 skeins, so I can have a pair in this color way. That won't be any time soon—I have resolved to make a dent in my sock yarn stash before buying any more sock yarn. (I justified my sock yarn purchases back in May, with the thought that the yarn could also be made into a scarf (Yeah, like I don't have enough of those either!)

At the same time, I have started with a double knit potholder 1—11 inches wide (it will shrink) and about 3 inches done. More potholders to come after this one, and a new bath mat, too. The potholders are fun little projects, but the bath mats are medium sized project. My first bath mat got put in a load of wash with some bleach—and it really weakened the fibers. At some point, it ended up being more frays and holes than knitting—so this new one will replace that one.

For the bath mat, I am thinking, cream (the wall color) and brown and taupe , and some pink—I have a shower curtain in reserve—that will replace my current shower curtain soon—that is light taupe with little pink roses. And I have lots of pink cotton, and a whole cone of cream. the current shower curtain is cream and tan and taupe and brown--a goemetric design that seems almost neutral.  

I have over the years, knit for breast cancer fund raisers—and pink is the dejur color of the day for them. I have pink towels too. For that matter, I have every color towel in creation.. but a set of cream and pink and taupe towels wouldn't be hard to put together—along with a matching shower curtain, and bath mat. A pretty set for when company comes.

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