Thursday, August 06, 2015

Down, Down, Down

I go, getting closer to the toe.

Visible progress made—Gusset finished and then some. About 4.75 inches of foot done now, which is easily half way. Another 2 inches or so working evenly, and then it will be time to start the toe shaping. Always the best part of a top down sock. You know you are hitting the home stretch, and every round is fewer and fewer stitches!

This current image, makes it clearer than ever, that even though these skeins were marked as being the same dye lot—they are very different in color. They were sold as “irregulars” (and the yarn cost less than 1/3 of the price of first quality)--and I don't really mind. I might if I had spent $10 a skein—but at $3— I will just chalk it up to “things happen”. While it is very noticeable in these close up, (and will be slightly noticeable when I wear them) it doesn't much matter.

Some people consider socks works of art, to me they are works of craft, practical and fun. I do like perfectly matching socks.. but I am not going to loose sleep over these slightly mis matched one.

Next up in the queue, 2 projects—some potholder, for me, and some for friends, and another pair of socks—for S-I-L—I need to start them now, and have them done (with time to spare!) for his birthday in October—and before the hunting season opens. (and I have no idea when that is—except vaguely sometime in the fall.)

He didn't manage to get a deer last year, so they wintered on store bought meat, but S-I-L hunt for meat, not trophy's. I know there are some who are against both (meat eating, and hunting) but that is not the case in our family. I am happy to knit my S-I-L nice warm wool socks to keep his feet warm as he provides for the family.

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