Friday, August 14, 2015

Less Again

But more than expected. (but not enough to bother taking a photograph) 

The girls (my twin granddaughter)  are enrolled in a swim class—and yesterday was my day being there to help them. Its a small class, and only 4 sessions long, (yesterday was session 2). I had a brain fart—and was almost late—so I ended up taking a cab (not buses) so I go nothing knit on the way to my DD and pool, and going home, I knit a bit, but I was so tired, it was hard to keep from falling asleep, I was that tired.

The girls reaction to water is very different. Miss C doesn't like baths. Sitting in warm water getting washed is something she is not very happy about. So you can guess her reactions to a pool.

It wasn't panic or fear—partly my DD thinks because she didn't recognize the blue as water. And with steps, and walking into the water, (with clothes on) it didn't seem like a bath. But eventually she realized the similarity, and she wasn't all that happy.

Miss J on the other hand marched right in (a little fast for my liking! In effect pushing me down the steps to stay ahead of her!

We stayed in the water after the class was over.. and Miss C and I found a game she liked. One element of the class was teaching the girls how to climb out of the pool on their own. (A good skill!) and Miss C liked that. But what she ended up liking even more, was jumping back in. We spent an hour doing nothing but giving her a very little assistance climbing out, then sitting down on the pool edge and jumping in.

Up and out, and down and in, and Again. She went from reluctant to enter to the pool to having a bit of temper tantrum at the thought of leaving it!

I hope her newly learned enthusiasm last till next week. And that she be more receptive to doing other things. Blowing bubbles and putting her face under water, and learning to float on her back and all the other skills that are needed. But being happy about being in the water is a good start. 

So I knit a bit –a scant inch—going home, which is less again than previous days--but the socks are now a row or too past 6 inches!  More than I thought I would get done for the day.

On the second bus, a Russian woman stared a bit, before asking what I was doing. She was intrigued by my 2 socks at a time method. I invited her to sit next to me—and in a few stop she, got the concept of 2 socks on 2 needles and kept saying Amazing!! (I learned 2 on 2 pretty much the same way...)

I saw someone doing it, and sat down next to them and watch for a few rounds—and then I was off on my own. I had to figure out for my self how to start—and I figured out my own method that I have demo'd using 2 colors of yarn----(see it here) (i think it is a bit easier to see what is happening with 2 colors of yarn.  The video is on my Golden Apple face book page--Like it, while you are there!

I think my method  it is easier to do, and easier to get a nice edge --well it is for me.  Once I figured out  how to cast on,  I haven't looked back--all my socks are knit 2 at time, on 2 needles, with the beginning of a round on the side, not center back. (Of course I use a different method to cast on for toe up socks)

Queens is physically big, (110 square miles) and incredible diverse (the most diverse county in NY States, and the most diverse county (measure by languages spoken at home) in all the counties in all the states! My neighborhood isn't an enclave, but we do have a large percentage of Russians—some (perhaps mostly) Russian Jews (one whole town emigrated entirely!) and its not uncommon for me to see Russian lace shawls in the winter--lots of them.  But it is rare to see Russians knitting in public.

My encounters with my Russian neighbors have resulted in me learning a cast on method—and now me sharing a sock knitting method. Small cultural exchanges—in the world of knitting.  

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