Wednesday, August 05, 2015


(now almost finished) but close to it.

This pillow case, bought at Woolworth's, sometime before 1978, was embroidered back then. It's mate, just got embroidered last week. The lace? (for both pairs) also pre 1978. The lace is from a Woman's Day booklet (one you had to send a $1 and postage paid, self addressed envelope). I think I still have the booklet, (and if I find, I will post a picture of the cover.)

I am not much of a crocheter--(this lace is pretty good, though) It would have been better if I started (Or ended) the lace by working right into the cotton pillow case—but that is water long ago over the dam!

The pillow cases were sold with no directions (or suggestions) about colors—just stamped cotton for the adventurous to embroidered and finish any way they wanted.

I bought a half dozen or so pairs. I finished two, and gifted them to people, and another 2 finished and I kept for my self--(and used till they were thread bare!) One had a bit of crochet lace (a half inch wide or so) the other, machine made lace.

I have this pair now 99% completed--(I have to sew the lace to the edge)--and another pair, waiting for me to embroidered them and add lace.

Well, not now, not this year, maybe next summer when I once again hit the knitting doldrums.

These pillow cases have gone through a 35+ years and a half dozen moves, another 12 months won't make much of a difference.

I finished a small white posy on my black sneakers, too. This end embroidered for now.

My beaded blue socks have the gusset completed, and a few rows beyond—I'll continue to work on them, there will be plenty of time—DD and family are on a vacation trip, but come next week, there will be tiny tots swimming lessons—2 lessons a week, for 5 weeks. I have committed to go at least once a week, but I might go twice a week (just because I like to get into the water, and haven't much done that this summer.)

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