Monday, August 17, 2015

Not a Stitch

Worked on the Hugo socks. I took them to the living room to photograph, and they remain there, untouched since yesterday.

I did get a few more rows done on my double knit potholder (1)--It's a variation on a theme—interlocking diamonds. It reminds me of Easter—all sunny and yellow on one side and pinks and blues on the other. (Lily's Sugar and Creme in color ways Sunshine and Pretty Pastels) This is being made for no one in particular—just some fun pattern swatching.

I have been doing a row here, and row there, in between times.. and suddenly I have 5.5 inches and I am half way done!

I think I want to work on the bath mat next—though renovating (or perhaps, merely returning my bath room to its former state) is being postponed—yet another leak! Not a big one, but.. as Dr. Who has said—water is relentless. It always finds a way.

This, too, is an intermittent leak—and will result, I am sure, in an even bigger mess for my bathroom ceiling. I want something to feel good about—and setting up all the new stuff, Shower curtain, towels (even if not new, a new combination set), bath mat—ever thing all ready to put in place will feel like progress. Destruction is progress too, sometime.

You have to get rid of the old to make way for the new. Philosophically, destruction and creation are flip sides of the same coin—You destroy the skein to knit the object...and I am hell bent on destroying a bunch of skeins of cotton! Potholders use up not quite 2 skeins at once. Bath mats, knit with the yarn doubled, devour yarn!

One bit of destruction that is also planned is the inside of the bathroom cabinet. I suppose it is the “medicine” cabinet—but I never keep much medicine in it. Occasionally some common cold stuff, and antacids. Mostly its the extra refills for the electric tooth brush (and the tooth brush itself), a bit of make up (if you consider moisturizers and make up removers to be make up) and some hair care products. I want to clean it out, and fix up the inside.  Layers of clopped up paint,--will be chipped off and a new coat of paint put in its place.  It won't be new, but it will look better.

I have thought of replacing it.. but it is one of those job that is a lot bigger than it seems. They no longer make anything the same size (and yes, I have though of just swapping it out). Anything taller, and I need to call an electrician, since the light fixture is actually touching the top of the current cabinet, and would have to be moved. 

Anything that I find that is the same height, is narrower--(and consequently, smaller) I don't have one of the modern base cabinets, with a sink sunk into the Formica counter top—I have a wall hung sink. Changing that? Means replacing tiles, since there is a great big cast iron bracket that is mounted on the wall (to hang the sink from) So storage space (as in a medicine cabinet) is at a premium.

And I don't really want a base cabinet style unit. I do wish I had more counter space.. but...If I found a sink I really liked, and that would also fit into my postage stamp sized bathroom, who knowing what I would do!  One day—maybe. But not now.

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