Monday, August 31, 2015

The Endless Gusset

Is almost done! Well that is not quite true. But I have at least, passed the half way point. The sock just before the flap and gusset, started with s 74 stitches, 36 in back and 38 in front—so the flap was the 'standard' 36 rows—which makes for 36 stitches picked up for the gusset—Plus 1 extra stitch in the corner, (so there is no hole).

This resulted in 38 stitches picked up for the gussets—19 stitches on each side of the flap. A total if 112stitches per sock at the beginning of the gusset. Corresponding, I am working 38 decreases, spread out over 38 rounds –with 2 decreases ever other round to make the gusset. I still have some 16 stitches to decrease--(8 each side).

So I feel I have gotten a lot of work done this weekend... First the turning of the heel, followed by more than half of the gusset rows worked. The front half of the sock, (where the gusset is located) finally is beginning to feel normal length-- Even though it has 54 stitches—but it felt endless when I first started the decreases..

The gussets have been moved to the center—extending the bias panels. For the leg, to create the bias panels, there were increases along the side “seams” of the sock, and then decreases either side of the center front panel. Now, as I work the gussets, I just decrease every other round. This creates a lot of ease in the instep—and the long gusset is great for high insteps—which S-I-L has. So I know that these socks will be comfortable and well fitting. The stitch markers show how many stitches still to be worked for the gussets. When the marker reach the center front stocking knit panel, the gussets will be completed.

All in all, I love every part of this pattern—it is attractive and simple- I can't really complain about it.. Men's socks are just so much bigger, (and I have big feet!) that knitting a pair takes forever it seems.

Today, I will give my hands a rest (or rather just exercise different muscles) and work on the double knit potholder—already, ½ of a pattern set completed this AM.

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