Tuesday, September 08, 2015

A Double Post--Anti and Post Weekend

Saturday, 9AM

Half a foot Equals half a foot.

Wednesday, I had just completed the gusset and half dozen more rounds or so. Thursday, was a busy day, and I hardly got a stitch knit. Yesterday was my day with the girls, and we made a final trip to the Ft. Totten pool. Miss C loves the pool and is full of delight jumping and splashing and generally having fun, right up to the minute she realizes that we are leaving.

Then tears, and when tears don't work, a full on tantrum. Until she realizes she is outwitted by Mommy and Nana, and then grief. Sorrowful cries and wails about how unfair life is. After a bit of lunch and long nap, she is once again a loving happy child.

Both girls love to rummage in my knitting bag—so many fun things to play with, and the best thing of all is the retractable tape measure. Pulling it out is one fun thing to do, and measuring things is another bit of fun. Head, neck arms chest, back—everything is measured. And then, best of all, pushing the center button and BACK the tape snaps back into the case! And again, pull out, push the button and snap back! Could there be anything better?

Miss C cares not a wit for the knitting, but loves to pull out miles of yarn (and would gladly un ravel the whole skein) Miss J? She want to know what is being knit. I told her, Socks for Daddy, and she wanted to try them on. They were thigh high hose on her little legs, and her foot was entirely swallowed up by half foot—for indeed, in knitting nothing—a scant row or two here,a row or two there, I have managed to add slightly more than 2 inches, and now have half a foot in both meanings of the word.

6 (+a bit) inches of knitting is half a foot by measure, and 6 inches of knitting is half a foot by size--(the finished sole of the sock will be 11.75inches) So in both ways, I have reached 3/4ths of the sock done!

There are some grueling inches of plain knitting before I start on the toe... But I will be finished these in plenty of time for S-I-L's early October birthday (and the first day of hunting season.)

Tuesday 9AM
Still Not Knitting--ONLY...

Well sad to day, not much to show (knitting wise!) for a 3 day weekend. Saturday's 6 inches are now just 8 inches and a bit. Progress, but not much(especially for 3 days!) But more than I thought, because I hardly remember knitting a stitch. Less than 2 more inches to and then I can start the toes—and they will be finished!

I did lots of other stuff besides knitting; shopping, cleaning, laundry, resting, relaxing, reading, TV and Netflix watching.. but knitting? Not so much!

I cleaned out my fridge—and then refilled it with fresh foods—home prepared salads (tabbouleh) and cole slaw. I cleaned out the sink and emptied drain board, (and then refilled and emptied it again) with  precooked foods. I cleaned off the top of the refrigerator--(it is out of my sight—and easy to ignore) I purged a bunch of stuff that I really don't want (or use)--My recycle bin (5 gallon size) got filled and emptied a few times. And I rested up...

Tomorrow is going to be a long tedious one--(my daughter has tasks that will take her out of the house most of the day) in not so friendly area for babies. So some water bottles were popped into the freezer—cold water is always a must—especially when the weather man predicts 90° days with high humidity. It will be nice to come home to a ready made meal when I am hot and tired. It won't take much to turn the tabbouleh into a full meal—add some tomatoes, and hard boiled egg, and artichoke hearts—it will be ready in no time!

I also attempted to put up a shelf—but wasn't successful the first try—today's chores include a trip to the hard ware store for some screws—and a new mop head for my sponge mop. Oh the exciting life I lead!

I plan to do some knitting, too.  We'll see how that works out on Friday.

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