Tuesday, September 01, 2015


One double knit potholder done. More to follow, but not immediately. Next up, after the S-I-L socks, is a double stranded bath mat, also in cotton. Who knows, maybe even 2 bath mats.

In addition, to finishing the potholder, I got another half dozen rounds finished on the S-I-L (Hugo) sock done. There are still more round to complete before the gusset is fully worked, but with every round, there are few stitches, and the completion nears. No photo of the sock (6 rounds isn't even an inch, and 5 stitches between the marker and the straight stocking knit doesn't really signify (vs 8) 8.5 stitches = an inch, so its less than a half inch of change. Painstakingly slow change.

I still haven't used up the first 2 skeins--(they are very anemic looking) but I think I will need more than 1 more skien to complete the sock. Thankfully, I do have 2! Currently the sole of the sock is about 3 inches long, and will be 3.5 or so when the gussets are finished. The leg portion of the sock is about 10 inches long on the instep side. Half of that is 5 inches. Plus a bit more because the leg started out with 80 stitches, and the foot will only be 72 stitches.  But there is no way I will be be able to coax almost 9 inches of foot from a single skein. For my own personal ease, I will work with 2 from the start, and not from each end of one.

There will enough left over, when I am done, to pair up with some other yarns –to make a creative design, or to re-enforce a heel and toe.

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