Monday, September 21, 2015

Bath Mats and A Hand Towel

But no progress made on the socks. Not that I haven't tried. I messed up 3 times in the first few rounds (rows really because I messed up in the first round)--so they were frogged. I'll get back to them today.

Bath mat 3 was completed Saturday in the AM—I used 4 of the 5 skeins to make a square about 19 inches by 21. I won't know the actual final dimensions till I give it a wash and machine dry. It will shrink and change size but—what ever the measurements, it will be a nice size.

I took the last skein, and made a matching guest towel. Right now, it's 10 X 15—it too will change size, but the knitting is tighter to start. . This yarn was labeled “worsted” weight, but its a light weight worsted. The kit came with a pair of size 9 (5.5mm) bamboo needles (it would have taken an eternity to knit this cotton on bamboo) I make the bath mat with the yarn held doubled, and used a size 11(8mm) needle. I think I could have gone down to a size 9—seed stitch, like ribbing tends to work better knit on smaller needles. But I didn't, and the fabric is very loose, open and drapy.

I made the towel with a single strand, and a size 6 (4.25mm) needle. It's a bit firmer, but not tightly knit by any means. I am surprised sometimes that there are scores and scores of patterns and projects for wash clothes, but very few for towels.. I don't know that I would want to knit a bath sheet (an oversized bath towel) but hand towels? Why not?

So, today, I will once again cast on the socks. The yarn is Reynolds “Swizzle”-- in a light grey.
The first few times, I started with a plain edge—but I think I am going to change this time. I like thetriple edge I did last time-- This time, I will do something else. The grey color way has pink, orange and green stripes. I am sure I can find something to match—Some Lion Brand Sock Ease in the solid pink might do—but I might go with the green..(in an other sock yarn)

My S-I-L has tried on the socks, and they fit—I'm sure I will hear more about the next time I see him. I found that I have 4 skeins of Kroy sock yarn in Royal Blue in my sock stash.  The next pair I knit for him will be blue.(He as beautiful blue eyes, and wears a lot of blue to accent them--The girls have his blue eyes, too) 

The Royal Blue is a bit bright—I might take some navy or black and make stripes on the leg portion—This will darken the sock a bit, and will leave me with 2 skeins of the blue for me.  That I have 4 skeins just goes to show you that I like the blue... Besides, I wear a lot of Denim, so blue socks are always useful.

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