Friday, September 11, 2015

Done! But not Finished

All the knitting was done last night, and this AM I grafted the toes shut. But I have left a long tail, (made into a butterfly, and hidden) in case I need to undo the grafting and add a row or two—which I sincerely doubt. The foot is an even 12 inches –and is more likely to be too long rather than too short, I will leave them for Matt (S-I-L) to try on next week—to confirm the fit, and then weave in the final ends.

The toe detail is nice—I have worked toe shaping like this before, but it especially works with the center panel of stocking knit—the left side is top, the right side is the sock folded so you can see both instep and sole.

As for when Matt can try them on, (and I can get them back) I don't know exactly when that will be—the schedule has always been a bit flexible.. Most of last year –and I still think of the beginning of the school year as the beginning/end of the year—the girls were in a Library program for pre and post toddlers. It's a wonderful program—which has resulted in times, in overcrowding. The program was a bit repetitive (but anyone who knows children, knows, they like repetition!)

This fall will start with a different program, run by the Park Department--(I went to a Park's Department preschool—and 60 years later, still have fond memories of Miss Lorelei, the parkie who ran it.)   The Park program is Monday's and Fridays. Grandma, (Matt's mother) prefers Mondays—and since she come from Westchester –a significant drive—and finds Mondays have the lightest traffic,  So she gets first dibs on that day. I've had Wednesdays for most of last year—with an occasional bump to another day.

This summer, swimming was Tuesday and Thursdays—so the days 'flexed” to meet that need.

But Wednesdays are going to be music days, with Grammie, (their lovely step grandmother) joining the schedule, now that she is retired. So I am moving to Fridays—at least for a while. Change is one the constants.

A full schedule of activities. And just in time.. The girls are on the verge of being toilet trained, and have become mimics of everything they hear. They sing along now and say the letters of the alphabet of the ABC song, and have learned (but have never seen) the theme to the Mickey Mouse show--(since all the local grandmothers sing it)--and I suspect their other step grandmother also knows it—but she (and grandpa) are in Georgia. The girls have a mini (just a bit larger than choke hazard size) Mickey Mouse toy—that they both like—it's part of a jack in the box type toy. And the song just came along.

They have also learned (from me, (Nana) the Baa Black sheep song--(but their toy lamb has a blue face and white wool, and I insist it is a Blue Faced Leicester sheep) The Zoo (all the zoos in NYC) have jacobs sheep (spotted white wool, and double horns). These are the only sheep breeds I can name by sight). But knowing 2 breed of sheep isn't bad for a city girl! Other songs are being learned too. The Itsy, bitsy spider, and some very none traditional songs, too.

I almost have a car, too. After 3 years with out one, I am looking forward to once again being able to go places—It was gifted to me in will—and now its just a matter of probated court (or 60 days wait if I am lucky, or a 90 or more day wait if I am un-lucky!) I hope being gifted a car didn't use up all my luck!

So with the socks finished, I will cast on this afternoon for a new bath mat—and then I will get some more potholders knit (and re arrange the piles). Skeins of cotton will go from a shelf of stash to a pile of linens in a closet—A very small portion will become potholders that will be gifted—but most of it won't really leave my apartment—it will just move to a new location!

I might start another pair of socks (for me) a small project for the bus rides that will be a part of my life for a few more months. I have a 'sock club kit” ready to go (two of them actually)

I have, in the past,  posted about today's history, but at this point, it is becoming just that, history. I will never forget. I saw the first tower come down in front of my eyes, felt the second one. But for me part of the healing process is letting thing return to normal.

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