Saturday, September 12, 2015

Fast Work!

2 strands of cotton worsted, held together, worked on a size 11 (8mm) needle works up in a flash! I cast on 85, (about 25 inches) and before dinner time at all I had 25% (5 inches) done, since I expect to finish when the mat is about 20 (x 25) inches. This morning is it stands at 9 inches done—Almost half done! Even if I take out a few hours to cast on for the next pair of socks, I should have this bath mat finished by Monday!

I am making this first bath mat plain—just rows of garter stitch. It's Lily's Sugar and Cream cotton (I have a 1lb cone of it, from Tracy Schaeffer.) There is another pound of worsted cotton or two in 2 to 4 oz skeins and an other cone in a cream and taupe tweed—I have lots of cotton in my stash!

My bath room is a bit of hodge podge, with 2 inch grey tiles on the floor, and 4 inch cream tiles on the wall. This Cream (#3) is a bit brighter than the tiles, (but still a close match). I have white fixtures, and the walls, currently white, will soon be a cream to match the tiles. There are some shelves and towel racks in white, too. The shower curtain? Well, currently, it is a geometric cream and taupe—but I also have an off white (cream) picque one, and a taupe satin one with small pink ribbon roses.

I want more of the cream, and to have cream and and white predominate—the room is postage sized with ventalation fan (no window). It's only 6 foot x 7.5 foot—I have to be careful when I swing my arms to wrap the towel around me... if I am not careful, I can bump my knuckles! So light colors are best, and bits of shine, help too.

Other bits and pieces (water cup and shower rod, and curtain and hooks and such) are all shining stainless steal. The vent cover came layered with paint, but the paint was removed and then it was painted a shiny steel--(spray paint), too.

The white shelve are the kind you find in target, or bed bath and beyond.. nothing fancy. On one of shelves holds my collection of razors.. Most are safety razors(no blades) and there is a shaving cup and shaving brush, too. A fun bit of decoration for a bath room. Most are stainless, but one is sterling silver, and a few are brass. I like these bright reflective pieces to add a bit of sparkle. A bit of whimsy, too. A nice bit of decoration for a bath room.

As for splashes of color—well, I have towels in every color of the rainbow—sets of grey, and sets of blue, and bright tropical orange, often paired with dull taupe. There are green and pinks and just about every color of the rainbow—except purple.

Most are solid, but a striped towel of oranges and golds and browns, pulls together some odds and ends of various shades of taupe and brown.

My stash of cottons have all these colors and more.. So bath mat number 2 will be a more colorful one--(and who know, there might even be a bath mat #3. ) I have some hand knit towels, too.. one simple one in cotton, and 2 fancier ones in a cotton linen blend.

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