Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Hurray, Hurrah!

Really, honestly and truly, the gussets are done! So are the first 2 skeins of yarn, too!

It seemed for a while they would never be finished, but now they are done, I've even worked a few rounds of even knitting—just 4—but it is so nice to be done.  Once again, the pattern is increase on the outer edges, and decrease at the center stripe of straight stocking knit. (that is almost impossible to see, but it really happening) You can see the little puddle of yarn that is all that is left of the first skeins.

I'm definitely going with the 2 skeins to complete the pair. There might be enough in one skein, divided in 2, but I will be anxious the entire time, and I hate knitting from both ends of single skein

With 4 inches of knitting completed with the gusset, I am 1/3rd done with the foot. There is that second bit of torture with men's socks –first they are 20% bigger, (72 stitches vs. 60 stitches) and second they are longer—almost a full three inches longer in the foot (and about 2 inches longer in the leg) . Socks I knit for myself are loose on LEGS, but these socks are HUGE on LEGS. I could almost put both legs into one sock!

The heel flap is bigger (36 stitches wide, by 36 rows long (or about 3 inches)and the gusset longer too.--and the yarn--I very often only need 80gs of yarn (I end up with about 10g of yarn left over from 50g balls) --these socks are going to be 75gs of yarn(each)--If not more!

But I do like my S-I-L, and knitting for him.. He is a Renaissance man—with so many interest. He has several short stories on sale on Amazon, and he in a punk rock band. He has a white collar job--(advertizing) but is a little bit of red neck (and goes hunting ever fall) Every time I think I know him, I discover new interesting things. He likes and wears the socks I knit for him last year, and expressed interest in a new pair for this year. He is so knit worthy!

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