Tuesday, September 15, 2015

The Plan

Yesterday,  was to cast on for my next pair of socks. I have the yarn, and the needles and everything ready to go in a sock kit bag.

But, first I needed to put away the 6 oz. of cream colored cotton, into the cotton stash bag. While I was doing that, a bunch of skeins JUMP OUT and landed in my lap. The demanded to be made into a bath mat—immediately.

So, the socks were put aside, and the yarn was sorted, and this emerged

It is, (or rather will be) a smaller mat than the first one—its about 14 inches wide (and will get a little wider as shrinking cotton always results in one direction getting wider, and the other shorter) and will be shorter too. Finished size, before washing and drying will be 14 inches by 24.  Small, but my bath room is so small, it will be fine.

It's just about  half done--the pink/taupe/pink mark the mid point—the next half will repeat the first. White, brown, white and taupe/pink/taupe, white, brown will be repeated. I really like symmetry—and balance. 

The mat is shown on one of my taupe towels. A good match I think. The pink has a coral/peach tone, and none of my pink towels do, but that's OK. I like things co-coordinating more than perfectly match match.The edges aren't as uneven as the appear, the mat is draped over the towel, and is folded a bit.

I am working the ends in as I go, I noticed it was getting too bulky on the right side edge, so I started to alternate, and work some of the garter in purls—and it is looking better. Purl garter is a good way to practice purls—and to learn how to work an even tension. Working in purl garter allows me to alternately start the new colors on both right and left edges.

So that is my story and I am sticking to it. I will start the socks to night—tomorrow is Wednesday, and since the car is still pending, I will be taking the bus, and will be knitting. I think I will continue with cotton, (bath mats and potholder, and even a couple of place mats) for the rest of the month—and then take on a bigger project.. a vest, or maybe even a sweater. I have both in my queue.

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