Wednesday, October 21, 2015

It's been Weeks

 Once again, its a long time since I posted here. I've been busy—New knitting videos on my web page, and more to come (very soon) and other work there, too. I've also been working on a scarf (that is about to bite the dust...6 inches in, to a complex lace, and too many errors have crept in, and I don't like the results, even where it is perfect—so I will have to rethink my plans. I spent a lot of time creating a chart for this—I'll keep the chart—it might work for socks..

It's been weeks filled with busy, work, nothing useful or accomplished. Little things like putting aside the dribs and draps of left over yarn (still in sock kit bag) and restocking the bags ( New business cards in one, hand cream in another, and so on) but I haven't packed any new kits (YARN!) I still have 1 kit to do) and 2 kit as a UFO,(the lace topped Swizzle, and Rubeckia from the spring). January might be a good time to make a set of new kits.

I did, finally, make a start on my next pair of socks, They are now just a half dozen rows short of 7 inches, (and the start of the heel). I have been thinking about making another vest/shell in sock yarn-(hot pink). The yarn is in sight, packed in a clear plastic bag, crying to be started. I have resolved not to start it thought till the current pair of socks are completed. I haven't decided on a pattern either—Lace panels? Or all over lace?

I said in my last post (almost a month ago), I was going to make a pair of stranded work socks, but there wasn't enough contrast—I had some left over KnitPicks sock yarn in Pumpkin, and a pre-divided skein of Lion Brand Sock Ease in the Red Hots color way. Both are great fall colors. The KnitPick yarn is left over from the pumpkin pie socks I knit for my grand daughter a couple of years ago.

So, I changed over to a HUGO inspired pattern Not quite HUGO, but....Partly because I hadn't planned to do Hugo after a cuff-- I tried a few rows of simple spiral pattern—and it was a flop. I didn't even bother to undo those few rows. Can you see them? It's pretty easy to see where I started the Hugo like pattern-- I switched over in the evening, which is when my brain goes into low gear—I should have divided the front stitches into more even groups but no matter. I have the key elements, with biases side panels, and the center straight.

I have gotten over my annoyance at loosing my size 1 needle—Here is the edging I worked out for the sock. The main yarn (Reynold's Swizzle) is simple sock yarn—widely space stripes.. It's not quite busy enough to NEED a plain sock, but not quite plain enough to need a fancy pattern.

The lacy cuff detail was a sort of compromise. I like the big open lacy picots—there aren't nearly enough top down picot edges. The green isn't a perfect match for the green stripe in the yarn, but it is close. I will break down and buy another size one needle--(soon) and get back to work on these socks.

I've gotten some soup made (and Monday was a soup day—36° (circa about 3 to 4°.)in the AM, and about 13°C---Low 50° in the mid afternoon. Unseasonable cold (a normal high temp is 60 to 65 (16° C or a bit more). I was out all day, taking a Historic tour of lower Manhattan with a friend, and lunching at Fraunces Tavern—Something GW did 200 years ago, or so. I had oysters for the first time in my life, too. Well, make that raw oysters—they were lovely. For most of my life, oysters were out of my price range, and I was reluctant to spend that much money to try them—Now I know they are worth the price!


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