Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Soup's On

and lots of other good thing!

Every day I am feeling better and better—more and more like my old self, I've lost 1 pound (only 1000 or so more to go!) And while I have been to the doctor/clinic 4 times this month, (and need a follow up visit on Monday (new month!) I feel like I am finally making progress.

I have several chronic conditions—and all of them where out of control—several are interlocked (my arthritis is made worse when I am heavier, – and depression tend to make me gain weight, which then changes....) Now, I am starting a new Rx regime, which might have to be (actually, most definitely will have to be) tweaked—but it is not more of the same, and there is a plan in place (not here's a Rx, see me in 3 months, and don't bother me.) to monitor how well things are working. 

Part and parcel of feeling better, is eating better. For the past week, I have been cooking –mostly soups. Good healthy soups—Another pot of Acorn squash soup (1 serving is going to be my lunch in a few minutes) and some Chicken Sweet Potato soup, and some Chicken Stew—an un-authentic Indian stew—Butter chicken as a base, with lots of extra veggies. A tortilla soup too, another cheat, made from a prepared mix—but with extra veggies in the pot.

I confess, I really hate making a dinner that has more pots than people—and since I live alone, I am in great favor of 1 pot meals. Salad or soup and a simple entree, or some appetizers and soup as meal, and one of my favorites, salad as a meal—Taco Salad, or grilled chicken Caesar, or a sea food salad..

With a fridge and freezer full of soups-- I have been eating better—Which makes me feel better, and helped me drop the pound.

Another plus—was a piece of mail. My 2016 calendar—I love pretty calendars, and my sister's husband get them by the hundreds--(most are business calendars) and I am happy to get one.
My criteria for a wall calendar is pretty pictures, and this calendar is oversized and very pretty.

This particular sister lives in Japan, so the calendars don't have US holidays—but I know that the 4th of July is a holiday-- I sometime note other holidays, (presidents day, and things like Easter)but there are plenty of reminders for these days, anyway.

So that's the news—I did cast on a new pair of socks, and even got the ribbing done—I have been playing with a few different stitch patterns, but haven't found one I like yet... but soon.

Another soon will be a special skein of sock yarn... a treat to myself. Most often I spend about $6 for 100gs of sock yarn –sometimes even less (lowest price was $0.50!) but every once in a while I splurge on hand painted ($24 for 100gs). More on that next post.

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