Sunday, February 28, 2016

3g Short of Half Done.

The hollowed out cake of yarn weighs 53g's now.. and the scarf—just slightly stretched and demi blocked is 28 inches long by 12 inches wide . So, when finished it will easily be 60 inches, and likely closer to 65 inches finished. A very nice length for a soft, lace, dressy scarf. (That is about 1.5 to 1.6 m or so by about .30cc wide)

It has enough colors in it to match half the clothes I own, (and some I have planned) The second half will be the reverse colors to the first half, with bright turquoise marking the half way point.

It's faster and easier to knit now the I have the pattern memorized.

The red sock has grown a bit, too, and now measure a full 7 inches in the leg.   Today I will start the heels—which will be a bit slow going—I plan to stop and photograph each detail.. And at the same time, I am going to separate the socks, and show one heel being worked on 2 circ's, and the other sock (and heel) being worked on DPN's. My sock knitting tutorial is woefully lacking photo images and a video on how to work a heel—this sock will be the first step in remedying this.

There will be other image to come—there are so many options for heels! I want to have at least a few options photographed, and videoed.  

The Flap, Turn, Gusset heels is one of my favorites—and I think on average, the best fitting heel. There are so many options to this heel as well. Starting with the size of the flap--most often ½ of total stitches in the sock.. (but this can be increased or decreased), the stitches--most often Heel stitch, but I have also used Linen and half linen, or the eye of partridge --but there are many other options.

The same goes for the turnings.. Heelsby Number is my goto for working out round or handkerchief turnings.. The Dutch (aka square) turning is good too—since I, like many, have duck feet--Triple E width at the ball of my foot, but C at the heel (this is commonly called a split last—a last being the form used to make shoes)

The Red socks will have a pair of conventional side gussets—but I have done gussets placed on the instep (Why B Normal socks) or on the sole of the foot (May'sSocks—Blue Swirl) but most often, side gussets are rule of the day.

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