Wednesday, February 10, 2016

6 of One, a Half Dozen of Another

Slowly but surely, I am getting back into the rhythm of things. I am still doing some deep cleaning... and organizing—re arranging—and as I do, I am happier with my life.

Shelving that been hanging around for months (some for YEARS) had been set up, and the shelves filled with the things I want, in a way that makes it possible to actually see them--(my stash is staggering!) Things I don't want are being discarded, things I do want are being made accessible.

So that I have also managed to get 6 rounds done on each of these projects, is another good sign.

The hat is simple at this point—This part of the hat will be covered by the folded back cuff, and a simple birds eye pattern works fine. 

It keeps the two layer together, which is what is needed at the moment.  

 In another round or two, I will drop the red and pick up some white, as I continue in the birds eye pattern,  The crown of the hat will be a star/simple stick snowflake like design—and white stars or snowflakes on a black background are better than red ones.  It will make the hat more interesting, too. 

The leg of the sock is about 5 inches now, and I plan at least 6 inches, (maybe a bit more) so the heels aren't far away. And once the heel is complete, I always am more enthusiastic—The foot is always so much faster to knit (or so it seems to me!)

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