Monday, February 15, 2016

Closing In

These images are from last night—when I finished the star motif—which isn't as nice as I like.. I think it's too busy (it looked better on graph paper).

Most often, when it comes to hats, I knit, finish and wear—I don't always block them. But I think this hat is going need to be blocked to look its best. Color work almost always needs blocking to look its best.

Since last night, I have have been decreasing  closing in the crown of the hat. Right now, I am half way done.. 72 stitches have been whittled down to 36! Every round (or more correctly, every other round) is smaller than the last... It won't take much more knitting till I am done. There are some ends to work in, and blocking, but by tomorrow, even with blocking, I should have a finished hat!

When I started, the plan was white stars on a black background--(and the red chevron on the folded back cuff) But now, I am thinking the current inside is prettier—the white background with black stars—What do you think?

It really doesn't matter—the hat is for Ms. D—and in the end, she will decide what she likes best!

The weather is still horrid—but by a lesser degree. Yesterday the high was 15°(-9.5c) and it warmed up all night—its a balmy 22° this AM-- Yesterday started at 3° (-16° c)with gusty wind—the wind have died down--But there is snow and freezing rain predicted. All of the cold weather storms of a whole winter in 2 weeks of time!

I sort of need to shop--(fresh produce) but I can manage. My freezer is full up—with soups and stews, stuffed pasta, cooked ground beef (that can become tacos or sloppy joes in minutes) and there are even bags of frozen veggies –So I don't have to cook for the next week—Unless I want to. But I have no oranges, and no lettuce, nor onions (neither red or yellow!) 1 pepper, 1 carrot, 1 sweet potato, but no kohlrabi or cauliflower. There are frozen stews to eat, with all these veggies--so I can hold off for a day or two--and better weather.

My recycle box is full—I've used up salsa, and pasta sauce, ricotta and cottage cheese, soup (canned) and boxes of stuff (pasta, butter, cereal and so on) It's been too cold to venture out--even just to the recycling bin!

I'll go back to the red socks after I finish the hat today--and then? I think a soft lacy scarf for me!

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