Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Looking More Like a Scarf

I just kept knitting and thinking, and finally got the pattern down pat in my head-- The Waterfall lace pattern that is.  I forgot in my last post to link to the pattern--so better late than never.

But getting the pattern memorized didn't prevent me from making a major mess up. —I did a mini “on the needle” blocking yesterday  to see if the error I made would block out---and the answer was no, it didn't. So I frogged the last pattern repeat, remounted the stitches, and went forward.

This image is from yesterday, when the sides were threaded onto size 3 needles to sub for blocking wires, and the work was blocked—on the needle. The error was in the upper right (column 2)

I have no idea what I did wrong—I was at that point feeling pretty cocky and sure that I had the pattern down pat! I do now—I can stop at any row, and know where I am, (with out counting out the stitches, and comparing to the chart) I can work the 6 rows with out consulting the chart or pattern, too.  So I am picking up speed in the knitting (16 or so done now!) 

I like the colors in this yarn—the lace is called Waterfall, but I think these colors are more like tidal pools—here in the north east, the water is never the cool clear blues of warmer climes—it is dark green, and blue green, and deep blue—depending on the depth and sun and aquatic life...There are more colors than these two in the skein--it will be fun watching them work their way in. 

This scarf will be an everyday scarf—I have lots of blues and greens and purples in my clothees—this will go with lots of outfits. And while I will likely block dry it, it is machine washable sock yarn to start—so it won't require too much care.

The red socks are sitting by the way side, for now. I will work on them again on Friday when I am heading off to see my granddaughters—I had hoped by now to be DRIVING—6 months ago, I thought I would have a car by now--(a legacy)--but the probate court still hasn't been settled, and I have a big hunk of plastic and metal that I am storing. I can't register it (no title) and I can't drive it.

It's been very frustrating. Even I get the call today, and paperwork needed tomorrow, I still have to get to the DMV, and then get the car inspected, (and some minor repairs done) so it wouldn't be ready to drive till next month.  And since it is already afternoon--Its not likely I will get the news of the settling of the estate today.  Oh, well.

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